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go moggy

1. To become insane, mentally imbalanced, or crazed. Primarily heard in South Africa. I'm going moggy living in this shack all by myself!
2. To become extremely excited or enthusiastic (about something). Primarily heard in South Africa. I've never understood that pop star's popularity, but kids just go moggy over her music.
3. To act or do something wildly, excessively, and/or without restraint. Primarily heard in South Africa. We all went a bit moggy after our exams, hitting the bars every night for a week straight.
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gone moggy

Having become completely broken, disorganized, or dysfunctional. Primarily heard in South Africa. I think something's gone moggy with my computer—the screen keeps flashing on and off. The real estate market has gone completely moggy in recent years.
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They became attached to the mystery moggy, which by then must have used up at least one of its nine lives.
Felix's spokespeople said they were hoping the book "didn't break the interweb again", adding the moggy was taking her success "all in her stride'.'.
MIRACLE MOGGY Psy survived an 80-mile trip in the engine of a lorry
The disappearance of the moggy, who has 100,000 followers on Twitter, has been shared by hundreds of students on social media.
The unfortunate black and white moggy has proven himself to be indestructible after twice being hit by a car and escaping a burning building following an arson attack.
Felix's owner Sam Wellbank, from Bedworth, Warwickshire, discovered the moggy's mishap when she called him in for his breakfast.
Catherine Kendall, owner of 16-year-old moggy Geri, revealed the cat had suffered blisters and had fur falling out in clumps in the attack near her home in Wyver Crescent, Copsewood, Coventry.
The middle-aged woman claimed that her seven-year-old moggy named Bull has engaged in unnatural sexual behaviour and has been making advances to male cats, in presence of female cats, reported.
BRITISH comedian Russell Brand says he loves his cat, named Moggy Morrison, the most in the world.
The moggy is now facing paralysis after the pellet hit him in the neck.
Now the RSPCA is asking for information about the sick moggy.
Summary: A tiny moggy wakes up to the world, stretching his tiny paws, before he lets out a massive yawn.
Looking Backers (Bronze proficiency level) will also spot the Morris Marina, centre right, and Morris 'Moggy' Minor, centre.
A BELOVED pet cat has been reunited with its owners an incredible four years after the mischievous moggy went missing.