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The hypothesis that wall shear stress modulates endothelial cellularity is gaining increasing support from researchers in the field.
In support of digital conversion, HEMi encodes the local program, multiplexes the signals to form a new Multi-Program Transport Stream (MPTS), modulates and up-converts the MTPS to be re-inserted back into the RF cable spectrum, sending the local channels throughout the community.
TB4's ability to modulate MMP-9 levels is significant because MMP-9 is often associated with dysregulated inflammation and impaired healing.
The el-EMI-nator Series modulates the output of PLL in order to spread the bandwidth of a synthesized clock, thereby decreasing the peak amplitudes of its harmonics.
In addition, Xigris modulates the sepsis cascade through multiple product properties and has been shown to significantly improve cardiovascular and respiratory function.
At the same time, a multileaf collimator constantly modulates the radiation beam as it leaves the accelerator.
Thus, an agent, such as Modrastane, that modulates hormone binding to ER(beta) could inhibit growth of prostate cancer, and this is the rationale for the clinical trial" stated Dr.