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modulate to (some other) key

To transition from one musical key to another. The skilled composer can modulate to a higher or lower key without the listener even noticing.
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modulate to a (different) key

to change from one musical key to another by means of a musical transition. Suddenly, the organist modulated to a key that was too high for most of the singers. I will have to modulate to a lower key before I start the next hymn.
See also: key, modulate


n. to relax; to chill. Cool it man. Modulate. Relax.
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The modulated elements are produced adapted to the shape and dimension of the active areas and are made in bi-metal variant, that is from tenacios steel type S 335 JR-EN 1.
After each active edge has worn, a 900 rotation follows, until a complete wear of the modulated element.
The ability to measure S-parameters under modulated stimuli can be quite valuable, particularly for devices that behave differently under sinusoidal or modulated stimuli.
Thus, cables, connectors, filters and attenuators do not exhibit different S-parameters when measured with sinusoids or modulated waveforms.
The spectral sidelobes of the MSK modulated signal roll off rather slowly.
If the optical fiber losses are negligible, then multiplying Equations 1 and 2 yields an expression for the RF-to-RF gain of a directly modulated fiber-optic link