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modulate to (some other) key

To transition from one musical key to another. The skilled composer can modulate to a higher or lower key without the listener even noticing.
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modulate to a (different) key

to change from one musical key to another by means of a musical transition. Suddenly, the organist modulated to a key that was too high for most of the singers. I will have to modulate to a lower key before I start the next hymn.
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n. to relax; to chill. Cool it man. Modulate. Relax.
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The discovery of the peroxisome proliferator activated receptor (PPAR) (27), a ligand-activated transcription factor, provides a mechanistic basis for understanding how peroxisome proliferators modulate gene expression leading to the induction of peroxisomal enzymes.
These pathways not only modulate calcium channel activity, all are themselves modulated in various ways by calcium influx through calcium channels, and many interact with one another.
The tag does not generate RF but merely modulates the received signal and reradiates it via a backscatter antenna, as shown in Figure 3.
When coupled to the element to be tested, the probe modulates the antenna reflection coefficient.
The use of [LiNbO.sub.3] devices to modulate the light in optical waveguides, as shown schematically in Figure 1, has led to higher gain and dynamic range.
It modulates the response of the innate immune system in response to various stimuli, including infection, tissue damage and inflammation.
METHODS: We have recently demonstrated that in chondrocytes resveratrol modulates the NF-kappaB pathway by inhibiting the proteasome, while curcumin modulates the activation of NF-kappaB by inhibiting upstream kinases (Akt).
The surface of Cartesian Wax is thickened locally where it is structurally required to support itself, and modulates itself, and modulates its transparency according to the light conditions, heat flux, and structural support needed.
The composition in particular modulates the interactions between a dendritic cell and a T-cell, more specifically between a C-type lectin on the surface of a dendritic cell and an ICAM receptor on the surface of a T-cell.
Hansen's new Level Pulse Control System (LPS) is a pulse-width-modulating system that modulates the flow of liquid refrigerant to control liquid level in response to system load requirements.
The answer: The gene called ras modulates the activity of a regulatory enzyme called adenylate cyclase.