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(with) all mod ˈcons

(British English, informal) used to describe a house or flat/apartment that has all the things that make living there easier and more comfortable, for example a washing machine, a shower, etc: From the outside it looks rather old, but inside it’s got all mod cons — even a microwave oven.We want a campsite with all mod cons.
This phrase is a short form of ‘modern conveniences’.
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mod. contemporary and fashionable in clothing and ideas. Your clothes are mod, but you’re just a plain, old-fashioned prude.

mod poser

(ˈmɑd ˈpozɚ)
n. someone who looks mod in dress only. (Collegiate.) Tiffany is such a mod poser. At home it’s jeans and a T-shirt.
See also: mod, poser
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It has really been well-received and so we're excited about the future of custom mod building at MV Authentics.
Once in effect, the mod enables strange romantic relationships such as incest including teens, multiple marriages even with teens and affairs on different age groups - teens and adults.
Most Mod devotees believe the movement's first, pure wave started to die out after 1967, when it spread to the North and diversified into Northern Soul.
Example of Mod for Oklahoma Manual Old Standard New Standard Premium Old Mod Premium New Mod Primary w/$5k w/$10K Primary Premium Employer 1 $100,000 0.
The Holmfirth Festival mod night will feature Joe's Allison who appeared at last year's Marsden Jazz festival.
Liverpool Mod musician Terry Shaughnessy and his band The Universal will top the bill of the weekend taking place on Saturday and Sunday, May 1-2.
This article examines whether Izod impact strength can be improved by lowering the crosslinking degree of the rubber of MOD in a PVC/MOD molded product to make rubber void at the time of formation of the first craze, followed by a suppression of the final crack formation, and also whether Lzod impact strength can be improved by initially making rubber particles in MOD void to facilitate crazing and shear yield, followed by a suppression of the final crack formation.
HUGH and Deborah Burns have a mutual love of Mod culture that led to their marriage.
This 5-inch 62-caliber Mk 45 Mod 4 includes strengthened gun and mount subsystems, advanced control system enhancement, a modern touch-screen user interface and a low maintenance gun shield.
Both mods are unique in and made with the highest quality materials, both have proven to be hot sellers.
Read the description of the mods at respective Web sites and create backup of game saves as a precautionary method.
The median monthly payment reduction for active permanent HAMP mods was $527.
The CIGR8 EZ Mod offers a lower price point as compared to what consumers are currently paying for other mods.
Installation is simply like any other mods by copying the package file to the Mods folder of the game.
Players interested to alter emotions, regular bills payment and cheat interactions can download the Buff Emotions Changes, Very Low Bills and Enable Advanced Debug/Cheat Interactions mods.