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false modesty

A vain or hypocritical pretense of holding a low or humble opinion of oneself, one's abilities, or one's circumstance so as to encourage others to say the opposite. There's no need for that false modesty here; you are fully aware of your success and achievement, and you don't need me to reaffirm it for you. I find her false modesty quite unbecoming.
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in all modesty

Without trying to boast, brag, or seem overly important. You asked me about my career, so I'm trying to speak in all modesty about the successes I've found.
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The Qur'an is quite clear that the veil is essential for modesty, but why is modesty important?
These verses prompt Muslim beliefs and behaviors related to modesty.
Culture of modesty be promoted and generalized to curb indecency and immodesty.
Top made with 25mm Thick pre-particle Board having PVC edge binding with 2mm liping 25mm thick gable eid aid 18mm thick prelam board modesty panel
The three men -- a guard, 36, a businessman, 38, and a third who is absconding -- also allegedly breached the victim's modesty by filming him with a mobile phone after pulling his trousers down.
hits parade We cover her modesty as star gives passers-by an eyeful
Where is the modesty of Hezbollah as it refuses to turn over the accused to international justice, when it was asked to, and in its covering up of other big crimes in Lebanon?
Nicola Murray: "Music videos are so sexually explicit, why start all this modesty rubbish now?
When we are talking about modesty in dress there are two definite goalposts: Fundamentalist Muslim on one side and Most Definitely Naked on the other, and worlds in between.
Although the districts reporting cases of attack on modesty this year remained the same (29), the number of FIRs filed increased by 36 per cent.
David recalls him shrugging with typical modesty after saying: "I must have been alright to to have played 400 games.
Cheeky Trinity College girls Sophie Higgs, Hannah Nolan and Hannah Connell-Moylan ditched their orchestra uniforms and posed on a campus bench with only their instruments to hide their modesty.
Figuring Modesty in Feminist Discourse Across the Americas, 1633-1700.
virtue, is applied to seventeenth-century women, specifically women who engage in public discourse and who reject forms of modesty that are essentially about shame and veiling female bodies, the expectation to "keep due measure" regarding one's conduct takes new forms (1).