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late model

Especially regarding an automobile, of a relatively recent design or model. After I got my promotion, I decided to trade in my clunky old Volkswagen for a snazzy, late model sedan.
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be a/the model of (something)

To be an ideal example or version of something. Julie is the model of academic excellence, so she will definitely be this year's valedictorian. He's a model of agility. You won't find a more athletic guy.
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model someone on someone

 and model something on something
to use something as a pattern for something; to use someone as a pattern for someone. I will model my house on the house we saw in the Mediterranean. She tried to model herself on her mother.
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model something in something

to make a model of something in a particular substance. She modeled the figure in clay. I modeled a bear in modeling clay.
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model on

To form, develop, or found something on the basis of something else: The architect modeled the plans for the new school on a beautiful old building.
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Modelling the strength of fibre-reinforced composites
Multi-scale modelling of cracking in cross-ply laminates
Progressive multi-scale modelling of composite laminates
In addition, Guy Carpenter's Instrat(R) unit utilizes industry-leading quantitative skills and modelling tools that optimize the reinsurance decision-making process and help make the firm's clients more successful.
Cycle-Accurate modelling simulates processor cycles and replicates "real-world" usage of the microprocessor in-situ.
Duncan Bryan, Modeling Solutions product manager, ARM, added, "ARM supports a wide range of technologies through its EDA Partnership Program and this arrangement with AXYS adds an important modelling technique to the portfolio.
The ARM EDA Partnership Program brings together ARM's expertise in reusable intellectual property (IP) generation and IP modelling, with the electronic design automation (EDA) design methodology expertise of leading EDA tool vendors to develop faster, more accurate, routes to system-on-chip (SoC) products.