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late model

Especially regarding an automobile, of a relatively recent design or model. After I got my promotion, I decided to trade in my clunky old Volkswagen for a snazzy, late model sedan.
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be a/the model of (something)

To be an ideal example or version of something. Julie is the model of academic excellence, so she will definitely be this year's valedictorian. He's a model of agility. You won't find a more athletic guy.
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model someone on someone

 and model something on something
to use something as a pattern for something; to use someone as a pattern for someone. I will model my house on the house we saw in the Mediterranean. She tried to model herself on her mother.
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model something in something

to make a model of something in a particular substance. She modeled the figure in clay. I modeled a bear in modeling clay.
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model on

To form, develop, or found something on the basis of something else: The architect modeled the plans for the new school on a beautiful old building.
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Decisions made by financial intermediaries such as banks are not modeled directly, but instead are captured by equations that link rates on consumer and business loans and home mortgages to those on comparable government securities.
While catastrophe models currently account for damage from precipitation--the rain that falls during a hurricane, for example--that is included in the damage calculation, but is not explicitly modeled, Clark said.
Calculations, assumptions, data entry, insurer inputs, program security and myriad criteria that produce the modeled loss costs are reviewed in minute detail by the professional team.
Helix follows on from but is broader than Trinom, a catastrophe bond launched in 2001 that was also modeled by AIR.
Another challenge was to provide heightened analysis speed, despite an increase in the number of events being modeled as compared to older models," said Dr.
Thus, the result has further significance in that it promises a similar degree of corroboration of the other computer models of human cytochrome P450s generated by Professor Lewis and provides a first in terms of matching an actual experimentally determined cytochrome structure with a modeled one.
AIR engineers have taken these variations into account by developing separate damage functions for each modeled country and for different regions within countries, where appropriate.