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be a/the model of (something)

To be an ideal example or version of something. Julie is the model of academic excellence, so she will definitely be this year's valedictorian. He's a model of agility. You won't find a more athletic guy.
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late model

Especially regarding an automobile, of a relatively recent design or model. After I got my promotion, I decided to trade in my clunky old Volkswagen for a snazzy, late model sedan.
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model (oneself or something) on (someone or something else)

To use something or someone as the basis, inspiration, or example for how something or oneself should be. They're modeling the experimental plan on similar systems already being used to great effect in Norway and Sweden. I've always tried to model myself on Albert Einstein in how I organize my life and work.
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model (someone or something) in (something)

To create a model figure of some person or thing in a given substance or medium. The artist models various characters from literature, film, and pop culture in scrap metal he collects from the junkyard at the edge of town. We'll model you with clay, and then use that model to create the statue.
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model (something) after (something else)

To use something as the template or model for the way in which something else is created or developed. The mayor's ambitious social security plan is modeled after a similar system already in place in Sweden. You can model your lesson plans after ones from previous teachers.
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model (something) on (something else)

To use something as the template or model for the way in which something else is created or developed. The mayor's ambitious social security plan is modeled after a similar system already in place in Sweden. You can model your lesson plans after ones from previous teachers.
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role model

1. noun A person whose behavior, critical thinking, decisions, etc., is held up as an ideal example for one to emulate. The athlete has striven to serve as a role model to the young people in his community who look up to him.
2. verb To demonstrate the correct behavior, critical thinking, decisions, etc., for someone else to emulate. As a parent, it's extremely important to role model the ways we want our children to handle negative emotions. You're the leader of this company. If you're not role modeling the right kind of behavior in the office, then who will?
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model someone on someone

 and model something on something
to use something as a pattern for something; to use someone as a pattern for someone. I will model my house on the house we saw in the Mediterranean. She tried to model herself on her mother.
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model something in something

to make a model of something in a particular substance. She modeled the figure in clay. I modeled a bear in modeling clay.
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model on

To form, develop, or found something on the basis of something else: The architect modeled the plans for the new school on a beautiful old building.
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role model

An individual whose behavior serves as an exemplar to others. This expression, dating from the second half of the 1900s, alludes to acting out parts in a theatrical production. It appeared in the New York Times Magazine (June 26, 1977): “If the teacher was a ‘role model’ parents were obviously unaware of it.”
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A company can determine model risk exposures by defining what a model is, creating and maintaining an inventory of models, and categorizing the models into low, medium and high risk with due consideration for materiality.
The new model's inventors had previously simulated the growth of idealized crystals of an unspecified material.
If models are made at a high level only, the architect risks developing architecture that can be easily briefed to top leaders and fills program requirements, but does not answer critical questions for field operators and true stakeholders.
This screwless model uses the same positive-displacement mechanism as K-Tron's Bulk Solids Pump (BSP) feeders, which are said to be unusually easy to clean.
At its May 11, 2006, meeting, the MTC's Executive Committee directed its staff to consult with interested parties about possible amendments to the Model Statute.
Pouring into a shot sleeve from a metal transfer cup also could be added to the shot sleeve model for a more detailed description of the metal flow.
For the last five years, the assumption that supplier tiering would remain the dominant industry model has led many major automotive suppliers to invest heavily in front-end R & D for their major segment areas and to significantly expand their technical and program management capabilities.
The process portion of the model is centered on individual and group metacognition, which is surrounded by the course learning communities.
One company that chose to implement such a model is the Marysville, Ohio-based Scotts Co., a manufacturer of horticultural products.
Each model in the new skid-steer line has a redesigned operator's compartment with fixed top and rear windows, side-mounted instrument panels, a suspension seat and a tilt-back operator cab, among other features.
Arsenic is unquestionably a human carcinogen and there was no animal model. It was not carcinogenic in any animal model.
The model as described by the authors also is supported by research that finds that group counseling is a much preferred intervention strategy for school-aged children than individual counseling (Greenberg, 2003; see also Rose, 1998; Tennyson, 1989).
The weight of the trigger press on double-action-only handguns varies by model. Some manufacturers offer different trigger options, allowing for either a heavier or lighter press to suit the requirements of a particular agency.
The man who demonstrated that malaria is transmitted by mosquitoes, Sir Ronald Ross, developed the first mathematical model of malaria transmission in 1911.
The transformation of stress into distress may not be adequately captured in prevailing rehabilitation counseling approaches such as the Person x Environment fit model. Rather, the experience of stress and the development of distress may be better understood via the Demand-Control-Support model (DCS; Karasek & Theorell, 1990).