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à la mode

1. Served with ice cream. My favorite dessert is apple pie à la mode.
2. Very fashionable. Big shoulder pads were à la mode in the 1980s, but most people now would not dare to wear them.
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in one’s something mode

phr. behaving in a specified mode. (The something can be replaced by work, sleep, hungry, angry, etc.) Todd is always in his play mode when he should be working.
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The Avidyne AXP340, when properly installed, has the following user modes that reply as indicated: ALT (All available replies), ON (Mode A replies only), SBY (No replies), GND (ADS-B Out and Mode S replies).
Due to the fact that in a circular waveguide the TM01 mode has a higher cutoff frequency higher than the fundamental TE11 mode, it is impossible to make the direct conversion without any reflection in the signal to be transmitted.
Founded in 1985, a la mode develops desktop, mobile, and Web tools for the real estate and mortgage industries.
However, they fail to handle the relatively small over and under-voltages that occur in Common Mode which momentarily disrupt computer networks.
This undermining of action and desire as socially meaningful continues in the novela sentimental, which, she argues, plays a far more important role in the history of the sentimental mode than is commonly acknowledged.
Although it's necessary to stay in one mode during the filling stage, it's possible to switch to another mode during the packing phase, says Toshiba v.
The known development and suspected deployment of kernel mode rootkits is growing at an alarming rate.
Heninger does not address the possibility that similar conflicts, and a similar tension between formal and verbal modes, might have obtained in other epochs.
Long Mode consists of two sub modes: 64-bit mode and compatibility mode.
Long mode consists of two sub-modes: 64-bit mode and compatibility mode.