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make (a) mock of (someone or something)

To subject someone or something to mockery or ridicule; to make fun of someone or something. The film openly makes mock of the sacrifices and hardships our soldiers had to endure during that unfortunate war. His crass, spiteful speech made a mock of our democracy.
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mock up

To create a draft, model, or simulated version of something to demonstrate how it looks or works. A noun or pronoun can be used between "mock" and "up." We mocked up a prototype of the new irrigation system to demonstrate its benefits to the city council. I sketch out the designs of our latest cars, and the engineering department mocks them up.
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mocking is catching

If one engages in mockery, it encourages others to do the same. A: "As soon as he started making fun of me, the other kids joined in too!" B: "Oh dear, mocking is catching, isn't it?"
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mock something up

to make a model or simulation of something. The engineers mocked the new car design up for the managers to see. They mocked up the new car design.
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mock up

To make a model of something, especially as part of a presentation: We mocked up our ideas for the stage scenery to see if it would be hard to build. Take these building plans and mock them up for the presentation.
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The said video, as well as the earlier releases of the mocking ad, can no longer be found as Samsung silently deleted them following the Galaxy Note 10 release that apparently shows evidence of the Korean giant changing its stand on the no headphone jack design.
Aside from the lack of headphone jack, Samsung's mocking ads also slammed iPhone 7 as it does not support the Qi-enabled wireless charging.
In a press briefing on Monday, Cadiz said some lawyers, whom he did not identify, were mocking the law and human rights in the country.
"We have a mocking situation in this country now," he observed.
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The ( video clip that was posted to social media shows Summers, along with Miss Columbia, Valeria Morales, and Miss Australia, Francesca Hung, mocking Nie for not speaking English well enough.
The mocking incident with Summers occurred at the Miss Universe pageant being held in Thailand.
Another user said: 'The problem is she tried to copy the Asian face thing while mocking an entire race for her own humor.'
@camhadid @zainzayns @GiGiHadid the problem is she tried to copy the Asian face thing while mocking an entire race for her own humour.
Recently there have been mocking portrayals of the crucifixion.