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make a mockery (out) of (something)

To treat something in a way that shows contempt for it, or makes it seem foolish. As usual, Hal made a mockery of the assignment, starting every sentence with the letter Y for no reason. I'm afraid that the pop star's candidacy has made a mockery out of this election.
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make a mockery of something

to make a deliberate parody or a poor imitation of something. What a mess. You made a mockery of the task. You have made a mockery of my position!
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make a mockery of something

If something makes a mockery of something, it makes it seem worthless and foolish. Scandal after scandal involving Members of Parliament made a mockery of the government's `family values' campaign. A different conclusion would have made a mockery of international law.
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make a mockery of something

make something seem foolish or absurd.
1998 New Scientist In some fisheries, waste makes up about half of the landed catch, which makes a mockery of most population models.
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make a ˈmockery of something

make something seem worthless or foolish: This decision makes a mockery of the party’s economic policy.
If you mock a person or thing, you laugh at them or it in an unkind way.
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The statement said, "The Amiri Diwan viewed with utmost censure an article recently published by a writer who employed mockery, verbal abuse, and attempt to harm the social fabric through spreading chaos, instigating tribal dispute, and seeding divide among the different groups of our society.
Due to all this, the mockery of Deputy PM for European Affairs, Vasko Naumovski, did not come as a surprise.
2 : a bad imitation : fake <a mockery of justice>
HIS form this year has made a mockery of his starting average making his replacement in terms of average difficult and as such as likeable and social individual finding a replacement in terms of the man himself impossible.
It does the reputation of the board no service when its chair refuses to engage in democratic debate for fear of mockery.
I mean, yes, almost all celebrities dress for shit now and have had their souls and mugs steel-wooled down to a nub by Hollywood, but the fact still remains that the only person who deserves mockery every single time she appears in public is Faith Hill.
His actions make a mockery of the criminal justice system and CRASBOs.
On the positive side, these events and the publication of this book provide exactly the type of thoughtful sharing of experiences and research that may one day influence politicians; the collaboration here between the warring peoples makes a mockery of the recent demand by anti-Israeli hysterics; since there is for example no one to make the case for Israeli control of Arab East Jerusalem, you might well wonder what exactly the obstructions to solving the conflict actually are.
From visions of the vanishing whaling industry, to meditations on the ever-changing nature of the river, to observing the mockery of a mermaid on museum display, The Sea Cabinet collects a diverstiy of emotion, insight, and transitive feeling captured in the fleeting moment.
The designated cultural rememberer or collector is thus presented as equivalent both to the absent interlocutor or stranded companion, and to the public fool whose storytelling blends salutary mockery with gleeful revenge.
The author portrays a man whose claim to fame was arguably a mockery of his own existence and that of his race.
This entire program makes a mockery of our system of checks and balances.
Paul continued: "Federally imposed standards for driver's licenses and birth certificates make a mockery of federalism and the 10th Amendment.
Civil law approval of a mockery of marriage can only make it more difficult for homosexuals to extricate themselves from a gravely immoral union.