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make a mockery (out) of (something)

To treat something in a way that shows contempt for it, or makes it seem foolish. As usual, Hal made a mockery of the assignment, starting every sentence with the letter Y for no reason. I'm afraid that the pop star's candidacy has made a mockery out of this election.
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make a mockery of something

to make a deliberate parody or a poor imitation of something. What a mess. You made a mockery of the task. You have made a mockery of my position!
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make a mockery of something

If something makes a mockery of something, it makes it seem worthless and foolish. Scandal after scandal involving Members of Parliament made a mockery of the government's `family values' campaign. A different conclusion would have made a mockery of international law.
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make a mockery of something

make something seem foolish or absurd.
1998 New Scientist In some fisheries, waste makes up about half of the landed catch, which makes a mockery of most population models.
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make a ˈmockery of something

make something seem worthless or foolish: This decision makes a mockery of the party’s economic policy.
If you mock a person or thing, you laugh at them or it in an unkind way.
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"This substitution is yet another mockery of the party-list system, of the Comelec and of the general public and, thus, should not be allowed by the Commission en banc," he said in a statement.
10529 yesterday [June 4] 'giving due course' to the application for substitution of Ronald Cardema to be the first nominee of Duterte Youth begs a fundamental question: Why should the poll body spend even just one second entertaining a petition that makes a mockery of the party-list system?' the group said.
'Certainly Atiku's entry and presence in the US is a mockery of President Bush Presidential Proclamation 7750.
'It is a serious matter and not to be indiscriminately used by any organisation so as to make a mockery of the very dignified military tradition,' he said.
The Electoral Reform Society's Darren Hughes said: "These so-called by-elections are an undemocratic farce and make a mockery of our democracy." Lords Labour leader Angela Smith said: "Hereditary by-elections have had their day.
'India is making a complete mockery of its justice system, especially while dealing with Saffron terrorism and terrorist acts committed under the garb of Hindutva and Hindu fundamentalism,' said the spokesperson. Star Online Report Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) President Col (Retd) Oli Ahmed today said that the corruption case against BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia is nothing but a mockery. Speaking at a roundtable, he said, the graft case is"nothing but mockery" because"the government has already turned the judiciary into a controversial institution." "Prime Minister Sheikh is very much afraid of fair election and democracy," he said at the programme organised at Jatiya Press Club.
The word consultation is a mockery; arm's-length organisations are a mockery - example, Arch.
KARACHI -- The JI leader said that holding a hearing in Islamabad on the issues being faced by Karachiites is a mockery of logic and justice.
Ljupco Popovski comments in Utrinski vesnik that those who followed the public discussion in the assembly during the "hearing" of Janeva witnessed an entire show of mockery, insults, belittlement, underestimation, disparagement, lecturing and disputing which was addressed against special public prosecutor Katica Janeva.
Mockery of democracy I HAVE noticed recently many people's complaints to their various local councils about sub or non-existent maintenance of cemeteries and church graveyards.
During Odenkirk's opening speech, he is interrupted several times by the moderating panel until he frustratingly spits out, "It's a travesty and a sham and a mockery. It's a travis-sham-mockery!"
The New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) says the trial makes a mockery of justice.
And the level of executions was criticised today by Allan Hogarth, Amnesty International UK's head of policy and government affairs, who said the kingdom is ' making a mockery of justice'.
Paris: A French court has blocked parents from naming their baby girl nutella after the hazelnut spread that is a staple in Gallic households, arguing it would make her the target of mockery. A registrar recording the baby's birth last September flagged the unusual name to local prosecutors who took it to a family court judge, the prosecutor's office told AFP, confirming a story in the Voix du Nord newspaper on Monday.