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put the mockers on (something)

To disrupt, foil, or cause problems to someone's plan, activity, or project. Primarily heard in UK. The caterer cancelled on me at the last minute, which really puts the mockers on this party! It will really put the mockers on our project if the board decides not to increase our funding. You would think the rise of cheap electric cars would put the mockers on Big Oil's profits, but they actually seem to be embracing the change.
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put the mockers on something

If someone or something puts the mockers on something, they prevent it from happening or from being successful. The sending-off of Simon Walker after only 10 minutes certainly put the mockers on any thought of an English victory. Note: The origin of this expression is uncertain, but some people think that `mockers' may come from Yiddish.
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put the mockers on

1 put an end to; thwart. 2 bring bad luck to.
This expression originated as early 20th-century British slang. An Australian variant is put the mocks on.
1 1966 Lionel Davidson A Long Way to Shiloh Shimshon and the judo both seemed to have put the mockers on this particular idyll. We left soon after.
2 1970 Joyce Porter Dover Strikes Again This investigation had got the mockers on it from the start.
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put the ˈmockers on something

(British English, informal) stop something from happening or spoil its chances for success: According to the weather forecast, it’s going to rain, which will really put the mockers on our plans for a barbecue.
See also: mockers, on, put, something
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Wilkins was full of praise for Jones, who he admitted deserves sympathy with the cash and resulting player shortage that could yet put the mockers on any promotion dreams.
Who Are You" portrays a stalwart Vincent unhappily surrounded by mockers and scorners (as I, too, have experienced on many occasions).
Editorial Note: In the United States, two classes of antiviral drugs are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in treating or preventing influenza virus infections: M2 ion channel Mockers and NAIs.
And now she reckons the pressure she put on him may have put the mockers on her lad - leading to his horrendous miss.
Zak puts the mockers on Sam's attempt to get his own home, then has a change of heart.
Some years are worse than others, mostly when there are more new mockers--seasoned mockers are not as bad.
Matt glennon aims to put the mockers on a family party on Saturday.
4 percent had mutations conferring resistance to the M2 Mockers.
Specifically, this work illustrates how Aristotle's proofs of logos, pathos, and ethos apply to undergraduate mock trial and how mockers must use them in their attempts to succeed in competition.
Back to James on Daumier's contemporary, Gavarni: "the wittiest, the most literary and most acutely profane of all mockers with the pencil.
In coming years American society may split into two warring factions: Survivor fanatics and Survivor mockers.
Galileo, in his final race, is likely to take on Fantastic Light again in the Classic but those in the know maintain the Boys In Blue fancy their older horse to put the mockers on the Derby hero again.
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