mock up

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mock (something) up

To create a draft, model, or simulated version of something to demonstrate how it looks or works. We mocked up a prototype of the new irrigation system to demonstrate its benefits to the city council. I sketch out the designs of our latest cars, and the engineering department mocks them up.
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mock something up

to make a model or simulation of something. The engineers mocked the new car design up for the managers to see. They mocked up the new car design.
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mock up

To make a model of something, especially as part of a presentation: We mocked up our ideas for the stage scenery to see if it would be hard to build. Take these building plans and mock them up for the presentation.
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Bring your mock ups, pattern pieces and directions to each appointment.
As some of the scenes depict battles, we need to hire or get hold of World War I uniforms -- one sergeant, six privates and one captain and any replica Lee Enfield rifles or mock ups.
DRS Tactical Systems, formerly Paravant, recently selected for the Common Hardware/Software 3 (CHS-3) programme by prime contractor General Dynamics C4 Systems, had mock ups of its V3 product on show at the recent DSEi exhibition in London (see the show report in this issue).
ITS has a wide customer base creating CD-ROM's for presentational and promotional purposes and increasingly for the vehicle and architectural sectors where visual mock ups and virtual reality are increasingly in demand.
This will make it easier to agree changes to the wording on your packaging and remove the need for full colour mock ups to always be submitted.
Customers were clamoring to get a look at the Bell 505 and the Bell 525 mock ups, which made their debut here in China at the show.
Package design of unique signature pack and packaging range, including: sample mock ups of each pack, focused on a selection of four products, each based on a different species and each in the same package type and size, glass containers are mandatory, as product must have long shelf life, package (jar) size to take 100g net product weight option for multi-pack of four jars, or selection pack of four different products 4.