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heavy mob

A large group of people, especially one inclined toward violence or unrest. As the demonstration began, a heavy mob of masked men fell upon us and began assaulting anyone carrying a protest sign.
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the ˈheavy mob/brigade

(British English, informal) a group of strong, often violent people employed to do something such as protect somebody: I had to laugh when he turned up at the meeting with his heavy mob, as if he was a mafia boss or something.
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n. the crime syndicate. (Underworld and journalistic.) One of the biggest fish in the mob was pulled from the river yesterday.
References in classic literature ?
Not only did his reason not reproach him for what he had done, but he even found cause for self-satisfaction in having so successfully contrived to avail himself of a convenient opportunity to punish a criminal and at the same time pacify the mob.
I could not let him go unpunished and so I have killed two birds with one stone: to appease the mob I gave them a victim and at the same time punished a miscreant."
But after a very few sentences of figurative eloquence, the pink-faced gentleman got from denouncing those who interrupted him in the mob, to exchanging defiances with the gentlemen on the hustings; whereupon arose an uproar which reduced him to the necessity of expressing his feelings by serious pantomime, which he did, and then left the stage to his seconder, who delivered a written speech of half an hour's length, and wouldn't be stopped, because he had sent it all to the Eatanswill GAZETTE, and the Eatanswill GAZETTE had already printed it, every word.
The mob vanished in an instant; and after them plunged the horsemen, laying about them with their whips and pitilessly riding down such as were witless enough to keep the road instead of taking to the bush.
The mob had broken through on one side the line of waggons, and was advancing, each segregated policeman the centre of a fighting group.
The mob had done its work and was scattering, and Catherine Van Vorst, still watching, could see the man she had known as Freddie Drummond.
Summary: State will penalise all those involved making content about mob lynchings go viral
"The mob! We'll have to get in touch with cow vigilant leaders, anti-romeo squads, religious slogan shouting bosses, and journalist shooting hitmen to ask permission sir!"
Area residents in Minuwangoda said that mobs threw petrol bombs at the shops during the violence and damaged other property using stones and iron bars and sticks.
Summary: The government has announced the creation of two committees with a mandate to devise solutions to mob killings.
In a seemingly unprecedented move, Prime Minister Hun Sen on Wednesday called for an end to pervasive acts of mob justice following the violent beating of a Phnom Penh professor - who happens to be a member of a ruling party working group - and demanded the arrest of more perpetrators in his case.
Mashal Khan was murdered last April, and last week there was the beginning of accountability for the murderers who take refuge in mobs. On Feb 7, an ATC judge announced the verdict in the Mashal Khan case at Central Jail Haripur.
In the US, these devices along with laser dazzlers have been deployed to disorient and disperse mobs.
Sheikh has held numerous food mobs at a number of restaurants in Lahore, including Khan Baba, Buzkash, Andaaz, Covo, Opium Thai, Sakura, L'auberge, Zouk and Arcadian.
They were there for Sunday services, yes, but they were also there to partake in something much larger: a nationwide movement known as "Mass Mob."