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heavy mob

A large group of people, especially one inclined toward violence or unrest. As the demonstration began, a heavy mob of masked men fell upon us and began assaulting anyone carrying a protest sign.
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the ˈheavy mob/brigade

(British English, informal) a group of strong, often violent people employed to do something such as protect somebody: I had to laugh when he turned up at the meeting with his heavy mob, as if he was a mafia boss or something.
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n. the crime syndicate. (Underworld and journalistic.) One of the biggest fish in the mob was pulled from the river yesterday.
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Consider the possibility that seemingly paranoid individuals could be the target of mobbing at work, and don't underestimate the psychological stress of being mobbed. Other forms of workplace harassment can be extremely stressful but do not have the "paranoidogenic" potential of mobbing.
Major depressive disorder--often with suicidal ideation--is frequently associated with being mobbed. (12)
Factors that might increase one's risk of being mobbed include having a different ethnicity, an 'odd' personality, or high achievement