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bitch and moan

rude slang To complain about someone or something. This phrase is usually indicative of the listener's annoyance about the complaints. Oh boy, which dead president is grandpa bitching and moaning about today? If you hate your job so much, quit bitching and moaning about it and look for a new one!
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moan about (someone or something)

To grumble, gripe, or complain about someone or something to an annoying, excessive degree. My daughter has reached the age where she moans about everything we ask her to do. Well, if you spent more time doing your work and less time moaning about it, you'd be finished a heck of a lot sooner!
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moan out

1. To utter loud, prolonged moans. I could hear someone moaning out in the dark, but I couldn't see them. I'll never be able to rid myself of the memory of hearing all those wounded and dying soldiers moaning out on the battlefield.
2. To utter something in a low, guttural, droning voice. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "moan" and "out." He managed to moan out his name before losing consciousness from the blood loss. It's incredibly awkward hearing to the woman next door moaning her lover's name out in the middle of the night.
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moan with (something)

To utter loud, prolonged moans because of some intense sensation or stimulus. It's incredibly awkward hearing the woman next door moaning with pleasure in the middle of the night. I'll never be able to rid myself of the memory of hearing all those soldiers strewn about on the battlefield moaning with the agony of their injuries.
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piss and moan

To grumble, gripe, or complain excessively and/or in an annoying fashion. My daughter has reached the age where she pisses and moans about everything we ask her to do. Well, if you spent less time pissing and moaning and more time doing your work, you'd be finished a heck of a lot sooner!
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moan about something

to complain about something. What are you moaning about? I am not moaning about anything.
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moan something out

to say something in a moan. The injured woman moaned the name of her assailant out. She moaned out the name.
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moan with something

to groan because of pain or pleasure. The patient moaned with pain and fear. Ken moaned with pleasure.
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In a Wirral community forum on Facebook, one Tranmere resident, who did not wish to be named, said: "We live in Tranmere and at about 3am we heard a woman crying, coughing and moaning, then a man talking in our street for about an hour-and-a-half but we could not see them.
showed we spend 10,000 minutes a year - with top moans being the weather, politics, lack of sleep, work, bad customer service, money and, erm, other people moaning.
We're living in a world where everyone pretends their lives are perfect for social media - moaning is the antithesis of this.
"They were looking for a place that would be easily accessible for their clients," Moaning said.
Recently, however, he has attained new highs in moaning.
And during elections time the volume of promises and the moaning that accompanies them swell to ever-greater volumes.
Critique: Exceptionally well written, organized and presented, "Stop Moaning, Start Owning: How Entitlement is Ruining America and How Personal Responsibility Can Fix It" is a highly recommended and life-changing read that is certain to be an enduringly popular addition to both community and academic library Self-Help/Self-Improvement instructional and reference collections.
Asked if so many changes to his team was down to prioritising the home games ahead against Liverpool and Aston Villa, Allardyce insisted not, suggesting several fringe players had been "moaning about (not) playing".
Ah, The Open, with its traditional trappings – baked fairways and golfers moaning about unfair pin positions.
Another advantage to managed moaning is that it brings people close together.
WHILE Moyes was moaning about the sending off, Kenny Dalglish was noticeably reticent about criticising the referee, which is refreshing after his recent outbursts.
Co-star Ricky Gervais, disagreed saying: "You are moaning, you're moaning all the time, you never stop moaning.
HOW come people are still moaning about immigration levels?