moan with

moan with (something)

To utter loud, prolonged moans because of some intense sensation or stimulus. It's incredibly awkward hearing the woman next door moaning with pleasure in the middle of the night. I'll never be able to rid myself of the memory of hearing all those soldiers strewn about on the battlefield moaning with the agony of their injuries.
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moan with something

to groan because of pain or pleasure. The patient moaned with pain and fear. Ken moaned with pleasure.
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Pulling up, beginning a low moaning action, pulling a deep choral moan with cracks up through the body, the crude through the cracks of sea & earth, pulling neuro-transmitters glutamate, acetylcholine, & others across chasms in the nervous system, into the larynx until the sound acts by itself.
"I can moan with the best of them - I moan at the board.
POP hunk Enrique Iglesias claims he's a flop in bed and has never made his girlfriend, sexy tennis star Anna Kournikova, moan with delight.
And he admits he's never made his girlfriend, sexy tennis ace Anna Kournikova, moan with delight between the sheets.