moan with

moan with something

to groan because of pain or pleasure. The patient moaned with pain and fear. Ken moaned with pleasure.
See also: moan
References in classic literature ?
Lisbeth had been rocking herself in this way for more than five minutes, giving a low moan with every forward movement of her body, when she suddenly felt a hand placed gently on hers, and a sweet treble voice said to her, "Dear sister, the Lord has sent me to see if I can be a comfort to you.
I can moan with the best of them - I moan at the board.
POP hunk Enrique Iglesias claims he's a flop in bed and has never made his girlfriend, sexy tennis star Anna Kournikova, moan with delight.
And he admits he's never made his girlfriend, sexy tennis ace Anna Kournikova, moan with delight between the sheets.