moan about

moan about (someone or something)

To grumble, gripe, or complain about someone or something to an annoying, excessive degree. My daughter has reached the age where she moans about everything we ask her to do. Well, if you spent more time doing your work and less time moaning about it, you'd be finished a heck of a lot sooner!
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moan about something

to complain about something. What are you moaning about? I am not moaning about anything.
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People moan about the council in Birmingham cutting the trees down for no reason which I completely agree with, but why not moan and make some noise about this latest trend that will help to destroy our planet.
We cannot do anything to change the course of Brexit but, bloody hell, we can moan about it.
We cannot do anything to change the course of Brexit, but bloody hell, we can moan about it.
Bout time we had some proper summer weather Ben Harkws Kinson The People moaning about the sun will Now moan about the rain.
He moans about his arthritis, the boss, he even has the effrontery to moan about us cows.
IT appears everyone is moaning about our NHS and to be quite fair they do have issues to moan about. The NHS is effectively already privatised.
"They've not won either, so none of them can moan about not being in the team anymore.
They moan about the lights and deccies going up too soon.
YOU SAID: Have people got nothing better to do than moan about noise during some construction work?
In fact, we could even have to find something new to moan about.
So what have I to moan about? When all the gifts are mine, Things most people take for granted, And could be on borrowed time!
AUNTIE Cheerful wrote an uplifting letter Cheer Grumpy Up (Examiner, November 28) in a gallant attempt to cheer up grumpy old men likemewho are "always moaning about everything in the Examiner.'' I have to say, however, there's nothing quite like a good old moan about all sorts of things that deserve being soundly moaned at.
Now author Juliana Foster has been so inspired by the website that she's written a new book, Moan About Men, a funny foray into the full repertoire of men's intensely irritating habits.
That means all those who are moaning about them getting a free pass have even less to moan about.
How often do you hear supporters moaning at the manager for not giving young players a chance, only for the same people to moan about lack of