moan about

moan about (someone or something)

To grumble, gripe, or complain about someone or something to an annoying, excessive degree. My daughter has reached the age where she moans about everything we ask her to do. Well, if you spent more time doing your work and less time moaning about it, you'd be finished a heck of a lot sooner!
See also: moan

moan about something

to complain about something. What are you moaning about? I am not moaning about anything.
See also: moan
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When authorities interrogated Moan about the authenticity of the woman's claims, he admitted to hitting her in the past saying that he was "tired of taking care of her and taking her in her wheelchair everywhere.
In a tweet following his radio comments, Barton clarified that he rates Benitez as a manager, but that he should make do with what he already has, rather than moan about what he does not have.
IT appears everyone is moaning about our NHS and to be quite fair they do have issues to moan about.
Jess Gardner Try dealing with the rain where I'm stationed, you wouldn't be so quick to moan about Welsh rain then.
They've not won either, so none of them can moan about not being in the team anymore.
Wade was unhappy at some heckling from the partisan home crowd but Anderson fired back and said: "People moan about the Scottish crowd.
They moan about the lights and deccies going up too soon.
YOU SAID: Have people got nothing better to do than moan about noise during some construction work?
In fact, we could even have to find something new to moan about.
I have to say, however, there's nothing quite like a good old moan about all sorts of things that deserve being soundly moaned at.
Now author Juliana Foster has been so inspired by the website that she's written a new book, Moan About Men, a funny foray into the full repertoire of men's intensely irritating habits.
That means all those who are moaning about them getting a free pass have even less to moan about.
How often do you hear supporters moaning at the manager for not giving young players a chance, only for the same people to moan about lack of
We may moan about booking our car in for an NCT test and having to get new lights or whatever.
Since that decision was unequivocally taken by the ECB more than a decade ago, it seems a bit churlish to moan about it now.