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a bad mixer

1. Someone who is not able to converse easily or pleasantly with other people in a social setting or event. I was worried about bringing my girlfriend out to the party—she's a bad mixer when she's around a lot of people she doesn't know.
2. A non-alcoholic beverage that pairs well with a particular type of alcohol. Let that be a lesson going forward—milk is a terrible mixer with gin.
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a good mixer

1. Someone who is able to converse easily and pleasantly with other people in a social setting or event. I was worried about bringing my new girlfriend out to a party with so many people she had never met before, but luckily she's a really good mixer.
2. A non-alcoholic beverage that pairs well with a particular type of alcohol. I turned my nose up when he started pouring tomato juice into the glass, but apparently it's a really good mixer with vodka.
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a good/bad ˈmixer

a person who finds it easy/difficult to talk to people they do not know, for example at a party: Whoever we appoint for this position will be dealing directly with our clients. We are looking for someone who is friendly, a good mixer, reliable and practical.
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Designed for both barrier style and injection style Semkit cartridges, Semco 1088, 1088HD and 1188HD mixers can produce homogeneous chemical distribution with one-touch adjustment for the five most common Semkit package configurations used in the aerospace industry.
Process technology is often a series of compromises made between the compound formulation, which is often developed on laboratory scale equipment and then must be modified to fit peculiarities of the larger mixer in which it will be mixed for commercial applications, and the larger mixer, which may not be ideally suited for the application intended.
Castilla, however, insisted on the ownership of the mixer and said he had entrusted it to a local contractor, a certain Jun Racaza.
Barrier screws eliminated the need for the supplemental mixers, as melting could be controlled and completed in the barrier section with no need for the high-shear mixers.
The single-shaft mixer has a rotating shaft fitted with horizontal arms that support helical blades (also called ribbons).
Three new three-hole wash basin mixers, two four-hole bath mixers and a shut-off valve, can be perfectly combined with existing products in the collection.
Furthermore, Pegasus mixers which achieve an extremely homogeneous end product or mix liquids and powdered ingredients easily and simply have become one of Dinnissen's specialties, as have Pegasus Mixers with integrated weighing systems and extra hygienic facilities.
Creating a swirling vortex on the liquid surface is easy with a portable mixer. A typical mounting arrangement, shown in the vortexing flow figure on the following page, has the portable mixer mounted approximately 5 to 15 degrees from the vertical.
The SM1200 and SM2000 mixers are outfitted with adjustable legs, which can be positioned to fit under any size silo.
Additionally, by establishing a programmable logic controller (PLC) job record for each mold, twin-screw mixer controls became workable with new programming techniques to anticipate desired sand formulation changes.
The seven unpackaged MMIC I/Q mixer die shown in the table will be available in the Hittite LC4 package by the second quarter of 2005.
Technological improvements, innovative attachments, and sleek new designs are making the stand mixer a perfect complement to any kitchen, from modern urban tn old-fashioned country.
Working from a rough draft of a manuscript describing the theory, an industry partner was able to immediately apply the simple rules outlined in the theory to understand and develop a calibration algorithm for testing image mixers. The new algorithm already has been implemented in the firmware of a popular commercial network analyzer.
A static mixer, which is also called a motionless mixer, is a simple device with no moving parts.
The self pumping capability of many inline mixer models can deliver as much as 200 GPM at a discharge head as high as 30 feet, eliminating the need for a "feed or stuffing" pump.