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a bad mixer

1. Someone who is not able to converse easily or pleasantly with other people in a social setting or event. I was worried about bringing my girlfriend out to the party—he's a bad mixer when she's around a lot people she doesn't know.
2. A non-alcoholic beverage that pairs well with a particular type of alcohol. Let that be a lesson going forward—milk is a terrible mixer with gin.
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a good mixer

1. Someone who is able to converse easily and pleasantly with other people in a social setting or event. I was worried about bringing my new girlfriend out to a party with so many people he had never met before, but luckily she's a really good mixer.
2. A non-alcoholic beverage that pairs well with a particular type of alcohol. I turned my nose up when he started pouring tomato juice into the glass, but apparently it's a really good mixer with vodka.
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a good/bad ˈmixer

a person who finds it easy/difficult to talk to people they do not know, for example at a party: Whoever we appoint for this position will be dealing directly with our clients. We are looking for someone who is friendly, a good mixer, reliable and practical.
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According to Goldi Singh, PPG global product development and engineering manager for aerospace packaging, PPG designed the new heavy-duty mixers with stronger motors that can manage the mixing process for high viscosity chemicals, especially aerospace adhesives.
Ambient environmental conditions at the mixer position (including upstream and downstream)
Regardless of the type mixer chosen, the distributive types seem to fit the needs of barrier screws better than the dispersive shear-type mixers, except in cases where there is a specific requirement for intensive shear of particles small enough to pass through a barrier section unrefined.
The SLM vertical ribbon mixer handles dry mixtures or those with a small percentage of moisture rather than slurries or other mixtures with a high moisture percentage.
An entrepreneur who built a full service concrete plant equipment business around the most complete line of mixers to bear the Made in America label, William 0.
They recognise the significance of skimming through the heaps of products before making a prudent purchase of taps and basin mixers online; therefore, they have tirelessly striven to compile their range of taps and mixers, with intent to provide innumerable products that assure quality, longevity, durability, quality performance and astonishingly gorgeous look, and have made them available at their web-store http://www.
In addition, like all Axor basin mixers, the new mixers are fitted with the EcoSmart technology, which limits water flow to 5 litres per minute.
Both stand mixers are available in white and brushed chrome and integrate well with either contemporary or traditional kitchen decor.
For example, Dinnissen has developed and built mixers for the special purpose of mixing ingredients extremely carefully, thereby preventing damage.
A good flow pattern for successful blending with a portable mixer may create only ripples on the surface.
The engine drives a hydraulic system to power the mixer sections.
Dependable and Harrison recognized that zero-retention mixers need more time to restart after stopping for hand tucking or other tasks that require a pause in mixer discharge.
Technological improvements, innovative attachments, and sleek new designs are making the stand mixer a perfect complement to any kitchen, from modern urban tn old-fashioned country.
Working from a rough draft of a manuscript describing the theory, an industry partner was able to immediately apply the simple rules outlined in the theory to understand and develop a calibration algorithm for testing image mixers.