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* Acquisition financing for $500,000 for a three story mixed use, non-elevatored building containing eight Class A apartments and two commercial units located in Skippack, PA.
Another factor helping to drive the mixed paper market is the move by some mills, especially those in China, to look to offset the heavy buying of ONP and OCC (old corrugated containers) with greater mixed paper purchasing.
Because sand generally constitutes more than 98% of the final mold/core mixture, sand temperature is one of the largest factors affecting benchlife of mixed sand.
* Process advantages and disadvantages of producing single-species pulps as opposed to mixed species
Partitioning libraries into logical volumes is one way of managing mixed media, though virtual partitioning offers far more advantages, including:
Recyclers must overcome collection economics, as it is currently too expensive to collect mixed paper from small to medium-sized companies, Engle said.
Therefore, it should come as no surprise that temperature and moisture can play a significant role in the quality of the mixed core sand, the blowing of the cores and the storage of the finished cores prior to use.
* Identification of individually mixed batches with lot number;
This shows the strainer residues of a filtration test of the accelerator problem case MBTS, where in each case a relatively large sample cross-section of the preparation is mixed into a block compound and then strained.
Already at the beginning of the process chain, when the raw materials are mixed, the quality of the final product is determined by the type of machine used (tangential or intermeshing) and the mixing units used (rotors), the raw materials and by the type of process.
The development of this function resulted from requests to regulate the mixer rotors to ensure that all material, in all parts of the mixer chamber, is mixed together to a homogeneous compound.
FM mixer gas tge ability to frictionally elevate the temperature of material being mixed and to disperse agglomerated fine powders including most pigments.
A further RMA study quantified the following compound performance differences when they were mixed in formulations.
Kelly Duplex batching and mixing package allows material to be automatically batched, mixed, and stored, then fed directly to extrusion machinery.
Additionally, the wing arrangement and configuration was selected to ensure effective surface renewal exposure of mixed material elements to temperature controlled surfaces.