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Engle added that the impetus to increase the supply of mixed paper is demand-driven, unlike with old newspapers (ONP) in the 1980s.
Because sand generally constitutes more than 98% of the final mold/core mixture, sand temperature is one of the largest factors affecting benchlife of mixed sand.
Partitioning libraries into logical volumes is one way of managing mixed media, though virtual partitioning offers far more advantages, including:
The effect of moisture in the blowing air on the mixed sand can have an detrimental effect on the operation of the core machine.
This shows the strainer residues of a filtration test of the accelerator problem case MBTS, where in each case a relatively large sample cross-section of the preparation is mixed into a block compound and then strained.
As the flow in the mixer normally follows the shape shown in the left half of figure 3, some badly mixed material could remain for a time just under the hopper.
This figure shows the variation which exists among the bales of raw natural robber, along with the internally mixed masterbatches, the remills and the final batches.
Kelly Duplex batching and mixing package allows material to be automatically batched, mixed, and stored, then fed directly to extrusion machinery.
Additionally, the wing arrangement and configuration was selected to ensure effective surface renewal exposure of mixed material elements to temperature controlled surfaces.
The mixing process will be highlighted, including an account of the mixing process from raw material acceptance to packaging of the mixed compound.
Users report mixed results with the CRD for dispersing gels.