mix with

mix with

1. To combine with something else. Make sure to continue stirring the egg whites vigorously and steadily so that the sugar mixes with it in evenly. I love barbecuing in the summer, as the smell of sizzling hamburgers and sausages mixes with the aromas of the lush, sunsoaked grass and trees.
2. To combine or mingle something with something else. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "mix" and "with." This turbine mixes a powerful cleaning agent with the contaminated water to kill any bacteria present. Mix the salt with the solution very slowly and steadily, or else it won't dissolve into the solution properly.
3. To converse or chat (with someone or a group of people) in an easy, friendly manner; to mingle or fit in well (with someone or a group of people). I've got to talk to Mike for a while about a work issue, so why don't you go and mix with some of the other people at the party, and I'll join you in a minute. I was worried that Tommy wouldn't like starting play school, but it's great to see him mixing with the other kids right away.
4. To join or mingle two or more people in a social situation. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "mix" and "with." I always find it awkward trying to mix my regular friends with co-workers on a night out. I want to mix my son with some more kids his age.
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mix with someone or something

to mix socially with someone or a group. Tom dislikes Bill and Ted so much that he could never mix with them socially. She finds it difficult to mix with friends.
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mix with something

[for a substance] to combine with a substance. Will this pigment mix with water? Water will not mix with oil.
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2 : to become one thing through blending <Oil will not mix with water.
Somewhere en route, scientists say, this colder, deep water must mix with warmer surface waters--otherwise, almost all the ocean would become cold and Earth's climate would be strikingly different.
Looking at a typical final mix with a mixing time of three minutes, it is even possible to have 50% and more of the energy going into the compound.
Also, because of the eventual breakup of the solid mass when it becomes too small to stay cohesive, portions of unmelted resin can mix with the melt pool.