mix with

mix with someone or something

to mix socially with someone or a group. Tom dislikes Bill and Ted so much that he could never mix with them socially. She finds it difficult to mix with friends.
See also: mix

mix with something

[for a substance] to combine with a substance. Will this pigment mix with water? Water will not mix with oil.
See also: mix
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2 : to become one thing through blending <Oil will not mix with water.
Somewhere en route, scientists say, this colder, deep water must mix with warmer surface waters--otherwise, almost all the ocean would become cold and Earth's climate would be strikingly different.
WAV files, organize them and then automatically create the perfect mix with beat mixing, song transitions and volume adjustments.
Looking at a typical final mix with a mixing time of three minutes, it is even possible to have 50% and more of the energy going into the compound.
Also, because of the eventual breakup of the solid mass when it becomes too small to stay cohesive, portions of unmelted resin can mix with the melt pool.