mix (something) up with (something else)

mix (something) up with (something else)

To confuse or mistake one thing for another. Here, take this jar instead—I mixed it up with the other one for a second there. Sorry, I think I mixed this file up with the one from last year's accounts.
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mixed up with

1. Confused with or mistaken for someone else. I'm always getting mixed up with my sister Kelly because we look so alike. Sorry, I think I'm getting him mixed him up with someone from the accounting team.
2. Embroiled or entangled with some other person, especially someone who is problematic, unpleasant, dangerous, etc. I heard Tom's gotten mixed up with some pretty shady people since he moved to New York City. I don't want you mixing Sarah up with any troublemakers, you hear me?
3. In a romantic relationship with someone, especially someone who is unreliable, problematic, or otherwise unsuitable. Sarah's been mixed up with the drummer of some D-list band for the last month or so, but none of us see it going anywhere serious. My mother is so worried that I'll get mixed up with a girl who's a bad influence on me that she generally disapproves of anyone I date.
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*mixed up with (someone else)

involved with another person, possibly romantically. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) I hear that Sam is mixed up with Sally. Who is Jerry mixed up with now?
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