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Three-component, internal-mix foaming polyester system meters both catalyst and blowing agent, which are mixed with resin at the gun.
For the goat cheese filling: In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle, mix ingredients until combined.
The single/RAP mixes were tested in the APA using the above described procedure, but it was found that most of the mixes developed deep ruts very rapidly.
The longer the isocyanate is exposed to moisture prior to use, either in mixed sand of during storage, the greater the chance for the isocyanate to react with water.
For a field that has barely begun to tackle real-world conditions, such findings suggest that many tough challenges remain in the mix.
Companies such as ADIC and SpectraLogic, for example, handle mixed media (or shared library services) using virtual partitions, while Storage Tek uses a native app- roach.
Once the materials to be mixed are within the mixing chamber, it is the action of the rotors inside the mixing chamber that creates movement of the mix, initiating and completing the mixing process.
Liquid mixing/metering systems for two or more components heat materials to desired process temperature, degas, meter with accuracy of [+ or -] 0.5% of desired flow rate, mix, and dispense.
Therefore, it should come as no surprise that temperature and moisture can play a significant role in the quality of the mixed core sand, the blowing of the cores and the storage of the finished cores prior to use.
These storms--which can become hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean and typhoons in the Pacific--violently mix the ocean when they strike, thrashing the water column down to about 150 meters.
So sensitive can some mixers be that when sizing a batch it can mean the difference between a homogeneous mix and a rework.
NR5 cooled rotors optimize mix uniformity while eliminating localized heat build-up.
Many of these new materials and formulations are extremely abrasive to mix, and some contain potentially corrosive chemicals and emit corrosive gases during the mixing process.
As the dispersion of clay, additives and water progresses, the mix becomes more resistant to compression and shearing, and the mixing device must compensate for that change.