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idiot mittens

Mittens or gloves that are attached to one's sleeves by a length of yarn or string so as to prevent their being lost. I always hated the idiot mittens my mom made me wear when I was a kid. They made me feel like such a dope!
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give the mitten

To reject a suitor. We had no chemistry on our date, so I had to give the mitten to him.
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The Mitten Tree Drive, which this year began on November 27 and was scheduled to end on January 5, is an annual event to gather donations that help keep Milwaukee children warm during the cold winter season.
It has been suggested that HPND of mitten crabs might be occur in the high pH of water, massive aquatic plants, high abundant of cyanbacteria, fertilizers, crab feeding and hypoxia [2].
Payton II has since picked up the nickname "The Mitten.
Carefully cut out the mitten shapes from both layers of the sweater, leaving an extra half-inch or so around the edge for seam allowance.
Mitten said: "There are piles of opportunity out there but it is still a difficult time and growth slowed last year, yet we still grew.
While there are eight other sisters in communities about 300 miles east in the cities of Tokyo and Kamakura, Mitten is the last Maryknoller in Kyoto.
Take the extraordinary case of Charlie Mitten whom the press described as the Bogota Bandit.
21, Jay Wells, Honorary Co-Chair of the Twin Pad Capital Campaign accepted a cheque for $30,000 from Doug Mitten of Mitten Vinyl Inc.
Fully illustrated with full color photography and easy-to-follow knitting pattern diagrams, Magnificent Mittens & Socks lives up to its title with 42 charted mittens, interchangeable cuff charts, 13 edge finishes for cuffs, 7 embellishments for color and texture, linings, dye recipes for mitten colors, detailed instructions for socks using mitten charts, and more.
Liz Mitten Ryan; ONE WITH THE HERD: A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY; Communication Creativity (Body Mind & Spirit) $39.
Follow Mike Mitten as he totes his recurve on some extreme solo backpack hunts in the remote wilderness of Alaska, Canada, and several Western states.
I reminded them to be sure not to actually touch their hand with the pencil as "finger bumps" would then show up, and it would no longer look like a mitten.
He credits the expansion to a single factor: The launch of Mitten Wine Logistics, a year-old distributor specializing exclusively in Michigan wines.
If you're facing brutal cold, get the extreme cold weather mitten set.
Mitten (a writing educator, education consultant, and Head of Training for Maupin House Publishing) and the songwriting team of Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer (multiple Grammy Award winners in the children's music field), this compilation of twenty standards-based mini-lessons reinforced by ten original songs on an accompanying CD, will prove invaluable in creating a classroom curriculum for teaching listening skills, visualization, letter and sound identification, movement, and specific writing-craft skills.