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give the mitten

To reject a suitor. We had no chemistry on our date, so I had to give the mitten to him.
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idiot mittens

Mittens or gloves that are attached to one's sleeves by a length of yarn or string so as to prevent their being lost. I always hated the idiot mittens my mom made me wear when I was a kid. They made me feel like such a dope!
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With Michigan's population and its retail customer base concentrated in the southeastern part of the state, Mitten's next move will be to establish anchor there.
When the liners wear out, there's no need to spend money on a new mitten set.
Although we did not get to tour the whole "mitten" (we basically stuck to its "cuff"), we covered the state from the east, to its southern border with Ohio, and headed as far west as the incomparable Lake Michigan.
Each home set up trees in its living room and residents, staff, and families were invited to donate new hats and mittens to the "mitten tree." Just before Christmas, the mittens were collected from the trees, paired up, and placed in handmade bags with snowmen that indicated the color of the mittens inside.
"You must think that I have nothing to do but knit mittens for you," Sally Cat said as she swished her thick tail from side to side.
Mitten Software was incorporated July 1988 and headquarters is located in Long Lake, 12 miles west of downtown Minneapolis, MN.
Mitten Software has begun shipments of dataINtact, a messaging system for Internet transfers that utilise File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
When they aren't punch lines, Davenport's titles are frequently deadpan descriptions, as in the lint sculptures and GO Mitten, 1998, a child-size pink mitten that bears the eponymous command stitched in green yarn across its palm.
Mrs Evelyn Spink, aged 87, is the proud owner of a mitten made from the fur of one of the husky dogs on the 1912 expedition.
I cut mitten hands out of the leg part of the sock, just by cutting a slight curve at the ankle area, through both layers, like a tube.
Fact, folklore, and fantasy about this unique understory tree with the mitten leaves.
These beautiful tablecloths are available to order right now on the Michigan Mittens' website below or you may visit Michigan Mittens at the Mitten Factory in downtown Pontiac at 111 North Perry Street at the corner of Perry and University.
Above, the Bridge Hotel, Newcastle; below right, one-time Newcastle United manager Charlie Mitten; bottom, |a street party to mark the marriage of Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones.
The Chinese mitten crab was found in Scotland for the first time in the River Clyde in recent months.
MAGIC MITTEN A RECHARGEABLE handheld baby calming aid that plays settling white noise sounds only your baby can hear, and thanks to its clever design, you can hold your little one while also holding the Magic Mitten to his/her ear.