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widow's mite

A small monetary contribution made by one who is poor. Edna hardly has any money, and she still gives the church a widow's mite.
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a mite

To a minor or small extent. I thought it was a mite mean to say what she did, but I'm not too upset about it.
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a widow's mite

a small monetary contribution from someone who is poor.
This phrase comes from a story recounted in Mark 12:41–4. A poor widow donated two mites (coins of very low value) to the treasury of the Temple in Jerusalem, a sum which constituted all the money she possessed. Witnessing this act, Jesus told his disciples that she had given more than the richest contributor because she had given all that she had.
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a mite

To a small degree; somewhat: That remark was a mite unfair.
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His team evaluated 656 non-allergens and 19 allergens, and found that the 19 allergens were statistically more stable than dust mite proteins in general.
Two new feather mite species (Acari: Analgoidea) from the Tuamotu sandpiper Aechmorhynchusparvirostris (Charadriiformes: Scolopacidae).
Material and Methods: A total of 60 mites from 60 patients were taken for assay.
Ear mites are the most common cause of ear infections in cats.
Determinants of house dust mite allergen in homes in Wellington, New Zealand.
Ear mites are a common presenting complaint in small-animal practice," says Dr.
A significant quantity of necessary oils and their constituents have been proven to control the mite, with diverse consequences.
It usually comes from the bacteria in the feces of the mites.
On 15 Jan 2016, a meeting to discuss broad mites was organized, and approximately 30 participants, mainly strawberry growers and industry representatives, heard presentations on broad mite biology, damage, dispersal, and management options.
The number of positive samples and the rates of infestation Mite Number of Number of Rate of positive examined positive infestation samples samples (n) samples (n) (%) Noodles (home made) 10 3 30 Wheat 10 2 20 Flour 10 1 10 Whole wheat flour 10 2 20 Corn flour 10 1 10 Pumpkin seeds (uncooked) 10 2 20
The varroa mite will enter an uncapped brood cell, drone cells are her preference, and hide until the cell is capped.
According to DeGrandi-Hoffman, who leads ARS's Carl Hayden Bee Research Center in Tucson, Varroa populations are slow growing because each female mite produces only 2 to 3 offspring during her lifetime.
But these steps are less important for those suffering solely from dust-mite allergies, since dust mites burrow deep in bedding and dust-mite particles are generally not airborne, according to Wood.