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a mite

proverb To a minor or small extent. I thought it was a mite mean to say what she did, but I'm not too upset about it. It got a mite warm when the sun started shining so I'm not going to need to wear this coat today.
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widow's mite

A small monetary contribution made by one who is poor. Edna hardly has any money, and she still gives the church a widow's mite.
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a widow's mite

a small monetary contribution from someone who is poor.
This phrase comes from a story recounted in Mark 12:41–4. A poor widow donated two mites (coins of very low value) to the treasury of the Temple in Jerusalem, a sum which constituted all the money she possessed. Witnessing this act, Jesus told his disciples that she had given more than the richest contributor because she had given all that she had.
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a mite

To a small degree; somewhat: That remark was a mite unfair.
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