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a case of mistaken identity

An instance in which one is thought or assumed to be someone else. Officer, this is a case of mistaken identity—I can assure you that I did not rob anyone!
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case of mistaken identity

the incorrect identification of someone. I am not the criminal you want to arrest. This is a case of mistaken identity.
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You must have mistaken me for someone who gives a shit

sent. & comp. abb. What makes you think I care about what you are saying? (Usually objectionable.) So you’re unhappy. Why tell me. You must have mistaken me for someone who gives a shit
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Media outlets revealed on Wednesday that Yurt daily CEO BaE-ak GE-nsever, who no longer works at the paper, and Editor-in-Chief Merdan Yanarday- were mistakenly cited as Meydan executives and sued as part of the criminal complaint.
15, 3,631 victims who mistakenly received funds were sent letters asking them to return the money in 30 days, or face penalties, says WSJ.
The local police station in- charge confirmed that the names of Yogendra and Jitendra were mistakenly included in the case.
A photo in the Raptors Are the Solution project report mistakenly identified a red-shouldered hawk as a Cooper's hawk.
The NTSB later apologised for the "inaccurate and offensive names that were mistakenly confirmed" as those of the Asiana pilots - and blamed the mistake on an intern.
Chief executive Sally Munday said: "Great Britain Hockey, the organiser of the Investec London Cup, offers a full and unreserved apology to the South African women's hockey team and their supporters for mistakenly playing the wrong national anthem before South Africa's match with Great Britain on Tuesday afternoon.
Kazakhstan's shooting team have mistakenly been played a spoof national anthem from the film Borat.
Other recent cases have seen substantial fines for emails being mistakenly sent to the wrong recipient, as well as a string of cases involving lost or stolen laptops, USB sticks and other devices where the device did not carry adequate encryption technology, passwords and other security measures.
Times-News said it is being sued by a man whose mug shot mistakenly ran with a story the newspaper published about a robbery.
BUNGLING council workers are being called to account after a railway crossing was mistakenly gritted, causing train delays.
Editor's Note: A photo of Guglielmo Marconi was mistakenly used in the June-July 2010 Currents section to represent radio pioneer Reginald Fessenden.
Correction: In a Web story, The Real Deal mistakenly said that two-bedroom apartments, rather than three-bedrooms, rented for $12,000 a month.
NINEWA / Aswat al-Iraq: One civilian was killed mistakenly by a policemen on Wednesday in northern Mosul, according to a security source.