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Up to (one's) neck in alligators

business adage The full expression is some variation of: "When you are up to your neck in alligators, it's easy to forget that the goal was to drain the swamp." It is easy to be so overcome or preoccupied by various tangential worries, problems, or tasks that one loses sight of the ultimate goal or objective. I've spent so much time dealing with various infrastructure problems for my new business that I've had no time to actually develop our product properly. I guess it's easy to forget, when up to your neck in alligators, that the mission is to drain the swamp.
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a man/woman on a mission

A person who is fiercely determined to do or get what they want. Janet stormed into work like a woman on a mission, heading straight into her boss's office to demand a raise in her salary. When my boyfriend decides he wants to buy something, he turns into a man on a mission.
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a man/woman with a mission

A person who is fiercely determined to do or get what they want. Janet stormed into work like a woman with a mission, heading straight into her boss's office to demand a raise in her salary. When my boyfriend decides he wants to buy something, he turns into a man with a mission.
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mission creep

The gradual expansion or widening in scope of a project, action, or task, especially a military operation, beyond its initial goal or objective. Congress is wary of granting the president's request for military authority in the region, fearing a repeat of the mission creep that plagued his last war effort.
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mission accomplished

A clichéd phrase said upon the successful completion of a project, task, assignment, milestone, etc. Well everyone, our app has reached 1 million downloads. Mission accomplished! If your goal was to annoy the heck out of all your friends, then mission accomplished.

(one's) mission in life

The ultimate goal or purpose toward which one strives; one's reason or motivation to continue existing, operating, or working. Top-notch customer service is our mission in life, so if you are unsatisfied with your experience with us, we will refund 100% of your payment. Bruce's mission in life has been to serve justice to those who evade the law.
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mission in life

one's purpose in life; the reason for which one lives. Bob's mission in life is to make money. My mission in life is to help people live in peace.
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ˌmission acˈcomplished

used when you have successfully completed what you have had to do: Mission accomplished. Let’s go and have a drink.
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The TTL document sought to respond to these four important areas and argues that the church's missional position in an age of secularism is at the margins.
Jeff is a self-diagnosed Coffeeholic who found his identity through years of touring and traveling and now enjoys life as a punk rock influenced dad and Mennonite practicing simplicity, neighboring and missional community.
51) However, one thing seems clear enough--the entire psychology-Christianity dialogue is missing this crucial missional mindset.
Bishops, church committees, and busy laity will be tempted to simplify this process by trying to find that dynamic, even charismatic, pastor who can light or relight the missional fire in the people, promising, "You lead us and then, when the time is right, we'll do something about mission.
Thus, the missional position of life-giving African Pentecostalism in the missiological context of Africa, saturated with death-dealing forces, should be grounded in an affirmation that authentic transformation is the activity of the Holy Spirit because human ingenuity and innovativeness can never genuinely bring about the fullness of life for all.
Missional worship terrifies and electrifies students and faculty alike as we go forth from St.
The mark of apostolicity, resonating with advocates of missional church, takes central place in this account.
Participants in the four-night series will explore the rapidly and massively changing culture in America, the shifting of global Christianity's center from the northern to the southern hemisphere, the rise of secularization, and how these changes not only challenge but provide missional opportunities for the Church in the United States.
The accepted missional principle that mission gives rise to unity was certainly not the push factor which led The Presbyterian Church of Jamaica and The Congregational Union of Jamaica to form a union in 1965.
Further fieldwork and research has led him to write here about the essential or definitional characteristics of a covenantal understanding of ethnicity, whether ethnicity is a created and therefore stable phenomenon or an incidental one, whether the Hebrew ethnic group have an active rather than passive centrifugal missional responsibility to other peoples of the earth, and how this biblical covenantal understanding can be applied to ecclesial and socio-political structures.
The authors of The Missional Church characterize North America as "a post-Christian society, or what might better be labeled as a post-churched culture.
She is the executive vice president of Semper Vita, a newly formed, non-profit organization focused on missional connectivity in the local community, and serves as a contributing blogger for the technology channel on conversantlife.
The book Reading the Bible Missionally is a fruit of the 2013 conference on "A Missional Reading of Scripture" at Calvin Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Its title reflects the missional witness for which he is well known: hospitality, humility, and hope.
Commissioned by the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention in partnership with the Church of England, Intersect: Where Your Story and God's Story Converge is a five-week short film on DVD, created especially as a missional tool, to aid in initiating spiritual conversations about Jesus Christ.
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