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He gazed vaguely and mournfully about him, as if he missed something precious, and missed it the more drearily for not knowing precisely what it was.
Wondering if I had missed their press conference, I asked, ``Have you already done your session?
With those dedicatory and epigraphic signs, one enters the narrative body of Sula, where missed meanings between conversants proliferate.
The absence of Ajax's "pig meat" utterance, yet its evocation through supplemental conceit, reveals its simultaneous properties as both missed yet not missing from the narrative.
Unfortunately I haven't missed them for the past four years.
Thompson had a chance to force a second overtime with a pair of free throws with five-tenths of a second remaining, but missed the first one to cap an already bad night as the Bruins lost 78-77 to USC, nudging the Bruins closer to exclusion from the Pacific-10 Conference tournament rather than inclusion.
When Newlin missed ``soubrette,'' Smith spelled the word correctly.
The Chancellors missed four free throws in the final minute which could have given them the lead, and Dorsey escaped with a 47-45 victory Friday night at Cal State Los Angeles.