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misplace (one's) trust

To put one's trust (in someone or something) only to be betrayed, let down, or disappointed. I thought we were hiring a motivated team player who was willing to work hard for us, but it seems that I misplaced my trust. Millions of people misplaced their trust in the investment firm, only to have their life savings wiped away in the span of a few days after it used their investments to try to manipulate the market.
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misplace one's trust (in someone)

to put trust in the wrong person; to put trust in someone who does not deserve it. The writer misplaced his trust in his editor. The voters misplaced their trust in the corrupt politician.
See also: misplace, trust
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It was the cheapest way to do it!" Ricky Beetlestone is best known for his New single Misplaced work with English rock outfit Moose Blood, who split up last year.
Nicko van Someren, Absolute Software's chief trading officer, said it was impossible to guarantee information was secure when devices were misplaced.
"She said she did this from a misplaced sense that she was helping and being nice.
FIGURE 1 shows a BGA misplaced on the surface of the board.
The market value of the weapons lost or misplaced by police officials has been fixed by a committee and approved by the inspector general of police (IGP), Punjab.
The investigation into how the device became misplaced will continue.
With this move, the Buhari administration is clearly on a voyage of misplaced priorities while also usurping functions of the country's institutions which ought to be independent.
New Delhi [India], Jan 2 ( ANI ): Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on Wednesday confirmed that as many as 23 Indian passports were misplaced by the High Commission of Pakistan in New Delhi.
ACE Regional Director Fareed Ahmed told the media that reliable sources informed the ACE that some municipal corporation officers had deliberately misplaced the important register having properties record of the citizens.
According to the prosecutor, Omni group had allegedly misplaced sugar worth Rs12 billion and failed to inform private banks.
The Canadian government's optimism that outside investors are interesting in assuming control over a Kinder Morgan Canada oil pipeline project if the company withdraws might be misplaced, Reuters reports, citing energy industry sources and analysts.
The current Brexit Government's misplaced obsession with "taking back control" has forced hard-working citizens to lose jobs, even homes, and face being sent to a country they don't remember.
Fewer than six bags for every 1,000 passengers were misplaced in 2017, a 12.5 percent improvement over the previous year, (http://www.travelandleisure.com/style/travel-bags/airlines-lost-baggage-2016) Travel and Leisure reported .
Participants were invited to perform Misplaced Women?
They are then forced to wait for a replacement card even if they found their misplaced card, as the bank will not allow them to use the card again.