misplace trust

misplace (one's) trust

To put one's trust (in someone or something) only to be betrayed, let down, or disappointed. I thought we were hiring a motivated team player who was willing to work hard for us, but it seems that I misplaced my trust. Millions of people misplaced their trust in the investment firm, only to have their life savings wiped away in the span of a few days after it used their investments to try to manipulate the market.
See also: misplace, trust

misplace one's trust (in someone)

to put trust in the wrong person; to put trust in someone who does not deserve it. The writer misplaced his trust in his editor. The voters misplaced their trust in the corrupt politician.
See also: misplace, trust
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Like almost all types of cybercrime exploits, the success of targeted attacks relies on technical holes and the all-too human tendency to misplace trust.
Trust Exploitation: Most cybercrime exploits hinge not only on technology but also on the all-too-human tendency to misplace trust.