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mislead (one) about (something)

To give one false or deceptive impressions or information about something; to lead one toward a wrong conclusion about something. The accountant had been misleading the bosses about the state of the companies finances while he secretly diverted funds into his own offshore accounts. Don't mislead him about your intentions in the relationship—he deserves to know the truth.
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mislead someone about something

to misrepresent something to someone. I hope you are not trying to mislead me about the price. I'm afraid I misled you on this matter.
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In any case, people get cheated because somebody has misled them into doing it,' he added.
Ryanair will continue to pursue screenscraper websites such as eDreams to prevent Europe's consumers from being misled over price and booking conditions.
For their pat, a number of the citizens who had their cases settled voiced appreciation to authorities, calling on all misled citizen to throw the arms and return to normal lives.
Principal environmental health officer, Wayne Flowers, said: "Our role is to protect consumers from unfair trading practices and from being misled about the food they are buying.
According to Politico, the letter did not specify what actions were concealed, or how members of Congress were misled.
West Virginia also claimed Janssen and J&J misled doctors on the risks and benefits of the Duragesic pain patch.
Fifty MSPs have signed a motion saying he misled parliament and should apologise publicly.
"They have been fully aware of the inaccuracies for a long time and have confused and misled many air passengers in the process."
The practice of providing misleading health information is especially troubling, the study's authors said, because individuals who contact federally funded pregnancy resource centers are often "vulnerable teenagers, who are susceptible to being misled and need medically accurate information to help them make a fully informed decision." Providing false information "may advance the mission of the pregnancy resource centers, which are typically pro-life organizations dedicated to preventing abortion, but it is an inappropriate public health practice."
The row erupted after Shadow Commons leader Theresa May suggested the Prime Minister had "misled" the House on Wednesday over his claims about the NHS.
The gospels warn us not to be misled by claims that Christ has appeared on Earth.
I would read these great articles in Web sites and magazines about how Michael Moore misled people or had edited this in a dishonest way, and at the end they'd all sort of scream the same shrill thing: "And so, Michael Moore hates America." Which I thought was a disservice to the message that they were conveying, which was that this guy's being dishonest in an effort to both sell tickets and fool his audience.
PROMOTERS of premium-rate phone line who misled thousands of callers in a competition to win computers, holidays and cars were criticised by the Office of Fair Trading yesterday.
There are good reasons for being misled into thinking in an illogical way.
But based on the administration's own incredible admissions, it is now clear that the administration purposely misled the American public, claiming things for which it did not have the evidence.