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make life miserable for someone

to give someone misery; to be a great nuisance to someone. This nagging backache is making life miserable for me. I wish you would stop making life miserable for me.
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make oneself miserable

to do things which cause one to be unhappy. You're just making yourself miserable by trying to do something you aren't qualified to do. I'm not making myself miserable! You're making me miserable.
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(as) miserable/ugly as ˈsin

(spoken) used to emphasize that somebody is very unhappy or ugly: He arrived at the party looking as miserable as sin.Some babies are as ugly as sin at that age.
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They should know that Ballymena is widely seen as a beacon of hard drug abuse, sectarianism, general miserableness and two-faced religious standards.
don't take into account the absolute miserableness of the invoicing
In one of the great panoramic set pieces of the English language--the famous chapter from his History on the condition of England in 1685--Macaulay sets out to cure the reader of any notion that the olden times were better: For page upon page he hammers away at the miserableness of the food, the lodgings, the roads, the communications, the sanitation; the badness of governance; the insecurity of person and property; the prevalence of disorder and crime.
are or soon will be experiencing the itchy and watery eyes, nasal congestion, runny noses, headaches, drowsiness, sneezes, and over-all miserableness that accompany fall allergy season.
It is tempting to talk about pendulums swinging the other way, but actually I don't think that finding a balance or a middle-point is the solution to this miserableness.
I don't sit on the M6 contemplating my own miserableness.