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make life miserable for (one)

To cause one to be continually unhappy; to be a great and continuous source of stress for one. For some reason, the new manager seems to have decided to make life miserable for me. Don't worry, we'll make life miserable for them is they refuse to sign the contract.
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make (oneself) miserable

To cause oneself a great amount of stress, anxiety, sadness, etc. I don't understand why she keeps making herself miserable in a job she hates. She's just not interested in you romantically, Jack, so stop making yourself miserable pining over her!
See also: make, miserable

(as) miserable as sin

Extremely unhappy, depressed, or wretched. Everyone just stood around looking miserable as sin during the ceremony. I felt as miserable as sin because of the breakup, but I was going to be best man at my brother's wedding, so I had to pick myself up and dust myself off.
See also: miserable, sin

(as) ugly as sin

Extremely visually displeasing or unattractive. I wouldn't buy that painting, it's as ugly as sin. I'm sure I looked ugly as sin, with my makeup smeared all over and my hair a total mess.
See also: sin, ugly

make life miserable for someone

to give someone misery; to be a great nuisance to someone. This nagging backache is making life miserable for me. I wish you would stop making life miserable for me.
See also: life, make, miserable

make oneself miserable

to do things which cause one to be unhappy. You're just making yourself miserable by trying to do something you aren't qualified to do. I'm not making myself miserable! You're making me miserable.
See also: make, miserable

(as) miserable/ugly as ˈsin

(spoken) used to emphasize that somebody is very unhappy or ugly: He arrived at the party looking as miserable as sin.Some babies are as ugly as sin at that age.
See also: miserable, sin, ugly
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On a smaller scale, about a century ago English suggested that the Parmenidean reproductive idea of 'boys on the right, girls on the left' in B17 rested largely upon the two basic principles of Right and Left in Pythagorean thought (1912: 93), but did not deal specifically with the stated miserableness of birth.
A clearly difficult filly, an unfashionable jockey and a small scale jumps trainer eclipsed the mega-monied magnates to win a classic and you would have to be a git of hitherto unmatched miserableness not to enjoy the moment.
They should know that Ballymena is widely seen as a beacon of hard drug abuse, sectarianism, general miserableness and two-faced religious standards.
don't take into account the absolute miserableness of the invoicing
Their convulsive confessions have a blatantly theatrical air in the staging and acting, and the coda's uplift introduces a feel-good dash of hope that's not prefigured in any of the preceding miserableness.
In one of the great panoramic set pieces of the English language--the famous chapter from his History on the condition of England in 1685--Macaulay sets out to cure the reader of any notion that the olden times were better: For page upon page he hammers away at the miserableness of the food, the lodgings, the roads, the communications, the sanitation; the badness of governance; the insecurity of person and property; the prevalence of disorder and crime.
They have the running nose, itchy eyes, sometimes hives, and general miserableness that goes with allergies.