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do (oneself) a mischief

To do something that harms oneself. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. I think you'll do yourself a mischief if you try that risky skateboard trick.
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do (one) a mischief

To do something that harms one. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. You sure did your brother a mischief by including him in that dangerous game.
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make mischief

To cause naughty, playful trouble. Their parents are both big practical jokers, so all of the kids love to make mischief themselves. He's always making mischief with the interns and new employees.
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make mischief

to cause trouble. Bob loves to make mischief and get other people into trouble. Don't believe what Mary says. She's just trying to make mischief.
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make mischief

Cause trouble, as in Don't listen to her gossip-she's just trying to make mischief. This idiom was first recorded in 1884, but the related noun mischief-maker, a person who causes trouble especially by tale-bearing, dates from about 1700.
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do yourself a mischief

If you do yourself a mischief, you injure part of your body. I think I'd do myself a mischief if I tried to copy any of her dance moves.
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do someone (or yourself) a mischief

injure someone or yourself. informal
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make mischief

create trouble or discord.
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ˌdo somebody/yourself a ˈmischief

(British English, informal or humorous) hurt somebody/yourself: You could do yourself a mischief wearing such tight trousers!
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make ˈmischief

deliberately do or say something that annoys or upsets somebody; make trouble for somebody: She told those lies because she was jealous and wanted to make mischief.
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References in classic literature ?
She set me on a richly decorated seat inlaid with silver, there was a footstool also under my feet, and she mixed a mess in a golden goblet for me to drink; but she drugged it, for she meant me mischief.
And now that you have got me here myself, you mean me mischief when you ask me to go to bed with you, and will unman me and make me fit for nothing.
342-351) Call your friend to a feast; but leave your enemy alone; and especially call him who lives near you: for if any mischief happen in the place, neighbours come ungirt, but kinsmen stay to gird themselves (9).
They had also found themselves out a retreat in the thickest part of the woods, where, though there was not a natural cave, as I had found, yet they made one with incessant labour of their hands, and where, when the mischief which followed happened, they secured their wives and children so as they could never be found; they having, by sticking innumerable stakes and poles of the wood which, as I said, grew so readily, made the grove impassable, except in some places, when they climbed up to get over the outside part, and then went on by ways of their own leaving.
From that time, until the happy return of peace between the United States and Great-Britain, the Indians did us no mischief.
Our Boston mobs are satisfied with what mischief they have already done.
He has done plenty of mischief with it already," Kinsley groaned.
Terming unanimous fatwa named "Paigham-e-Pakistan" an important necessity of time, he urged scholars to guide Muslim Ummah by keeping in mind modern issues and mischiefs.
WHITLEY Mischiefs hosted Solihull Saints in English Under-10 North Division Two at Hillheads.
would, it self, furnish strong grounds for a liberal construction; and could not now be disturbed, without introducing a train of serious mischiefs.
WHITLEY Bay Mischiefs picked up their first under-10 North Midlands League victory of the season with a 13-2 win at Sutton Sting.
Whitley Bay Mischiefs finished seventh out of eight at the annual Sheffield Under-10 Tournament at Ice Sheffield at the weekend.
Whitley Bay Mischiefs hosted their final under-10 North/Midlands League match of the season at Hillheads when they faced Nottingham Pumas at Hillheads.
Whitley Bay Mischiefs moved off the bottom of the Under-10 North Midlands League with a 7-0 win over Coventry Blaze at Hillheads.
Whitley Bay Mischiefs won a thrilling English Under-10 North Midlands encounter against visitors Telford Venom 7-4 at Hillheads.