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do (oneself) a mischief

To do something that harms oneself. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. I think you'll do yourself a mischief if you try that risky skateboard trick.
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do (one) a mischief

To do something that harms one. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. You sure did your brother a mischief by including him in that dangerous game.
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make mischief

To cause naughty, playful trouble. Their parents are both big practical jokers, so all of the kids love to make mischief themselves. He's always making mischief with the interns and new employees.
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make mischief

to cause trouble. Bob loves to make mischief and get other people into trouble. Don't believe what Mary says. She's just trying to make mischief.
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make mischief

Cause trouble, as in Don't listen to her gossip-she's just trying to make mischief. This idiom was first recorded in 1884, but the related noun mischief-maker, a person who causes trouble especially by tale-bearing, dates from about 1700.
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do yourself a mischief

If you do yourself a mischief, you injure part of your body. I think I'd do myself a mischief if I tried to copy any of her dance moves.
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do someone (or yourself) a mischief

injure someone or yourself. informal
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make mischief

create trouble or discord.
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ˌdo somebody/yourself a ˈmischief

(British English, informal or humorous) hurt somebody/yourself: You could do yourself a mischief wearing such tight trousers!
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make ˈmischief

deliberately do or say something that annoys or upsets somebody; make trouble for somebody: She told those lies because she was jealous and wanted to make mischief.
See also: make, mischief
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The father-of-one added: "We fell in love with the North East when we began working here, so much so that it is now the place we call home, so it means so much to us to be able to do the Magical Mischief Tour here.
But the officers are clear that they don't like to use the label Mischief Night.
A municipal mayor in Kauswagan, Lanao Del Norte faces grave coercion and malicious mischief charges before the Sandiganbayan for alleged illegal demolition of houses in 2013.
But when did Mischief Night become a 'thing' and is it time we relegated the tradition to the past?
The typical fire insurance policy excludes coverage for damage caused by vandalism or malicious mischief if the building was vacant for more than 30 days before the loss.
This month he was charged with mischief for his efforts and fined $1,700.
Pacala adds, "Vandalism or leaving graffiti in Florida, can be classified as criminal mischief in the state of Florida.
The event, entitled Medieval Mischief, is run by artisan market specialists Time and Tide Events and will offer free admission to the Castle Keep and Black Gate.
My daughter suggested Loki after the Norse god of mischief and he's full of mischief, getting up to all sorts of tricks and stuff.
Mischief Night, Devil's Night, even Cabbage Night -- whatever you call the night before Halloween, it has a special history that veers into the darker part of the otherwise candy-filled holiday.
Under Section 115 of the Criminal Code, "Any person who knowingly makes to any police officer a false statement concerning an imaginary offence, shall be guilty of the offence of effecting a public mischief and shall be liable to a fine not exceeding one thousand pounds or to imprisonment for one year.
Philippine authorities are worried about China's reclamation projects at the disputed Mischief Reef or Panganiban Reef.
Brothers Greg and Lewis McBride return in another adventure involving Loki--the Norse god of mischief.
Allah clearly says in the Holy Qur'an: "Do not create mischief on earth.
14 November 2014 - UK-based creative software developer The Foundry said it had taken over US sector player Made With Mischief Inc in a drive to enhance its market reach and technology.