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wallow in the mire

To remain stuck in an undesirable or negative situation due to one's unwillingness to do something to change. Jane left you six months ago—it's time to stop wallowing in the mire and get back to living your life.
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drag (one's) name through the mire

To disparage someone publicly, especially to the detriment of his or her reputation. I'm trying to maintain a fair and respectable campaign, and Brad totally dragged my name through the mire! Don't drag my name through the mire—you're the one who messed up the budget!
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Additionally, Mires says she is planning on offering sewing and quilting classes for the first time quilter to the most expert.
d) Rotating the prism to bisect the short axis of the mires
The area around South Charlton, close to the Coastal AONB (who have objected to the Charlton Mires turbine) already hosts England's largest wind power station in the form of the Middlemoor/Wandylaw turbine complex.
The presence of such sediments enhances mire initiation and therefore it was assumed that they exist under the mires in NE Estonia.
This hopes to benefit rare and endangered species as well as securing the provision of ecosystem services provided by the mire habitats.
1999), also lists of indicator species for Estonian woodland key habitats of different forest communities (RT, 2010), but there is no up-to-date list of Estonian mire bryophytes, although bryophytes are the main components in mires and in peat.
Mires, who has more than 20 years of experience, is charged with advancing the firm's organizational development and training initiatives.
When we went live with the program, I honestly thought we were at the forefront of a technology that would completely revolutionize the face of campus card services forever," Mires says now, looking back.
As one of a number of books that tracks the unreliability of our memories, Charlene Mires uses Independence Hall as a prism to reveal the contested history behind the building's structure.
After deputies gained control of the situation, the two men, Laurence Berry and Anthony Mires, were arrested, booked, and jailed on counts of burglary, felony theft, possession of crack cocaine, and possession of drug paraphernalia.
The European Commission has decided to send a reasoned opinion - second written warning - to Finland for failing to take the necessary measures under Directive 79/409 /EC on the protection of wild birds, protect the mires of Kemihaara, an important habitat for birds in North-East Finland.
An avid bowler who was also taking a shot at the first-place prize in this year's event, Mires is no stranger to the senior games.
Globally, boreal mires represent an important sink for carbon (see Malmer 1992).
The firm retained San Diego-based Mires Design to assist in the naming and imaging process.
The wooded landscape of the HunsrE-ck low mountain range in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate hosts the severely endangered habitat type Transition mires and quaking bogs , as well as the priority habitat type Bog woodland .