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drag (one's) name through the mire

To disparage someone publicly, especially to the detriment of his or her reputation. I'm trying to maintain a fair and respectable campaign, and Brad totally dragged my name through the mire! Don't drag my name through the mire—you're the one who messed up the budget!
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wallow in the mire

To remain stuck in an undesirable or negative situation due to one's unwillingness to do something to change. Jane left you six months ago—it's time to stop wallowing in the mire and get back to living your life.
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In the 1960s peat extraction (40 deposits) was started in several raised bogs and in order to preserve the ecological balance, protection of mires became an issue.
Neville Geddes, from the Forestry Commission, said: "For the Border Mires it's now a question of time.
THE changing status of the Bell Crag Flow mire emphasises how limited our knowledge can be of the world that surrounds us.
There are estimated to be 17,320 hectares of blanket and raised bog in Northumberland - 8% of the total amount in England, with the county having some of the best mires of their kind in Europe.
A further pounds 600,000 has now been secured from Defra to fund a two-year scheme to restore 1,500 acres of mires across Northumberland and Cumbria, becoming the biggest bog project in the UK.
The Border Mires are a series of 58 deep peat marshes in the south west of the Kielder Forest.
"The best sellers in the store are the fashionable new clothing, gifts and home decor items", reports Mires. She goes on to say, "Now, you can buy an assortment of beverages and fresh baked goods making Auntie Bling's Attique a one stop shopping experience where people can find a little bit if everything from old tools to cinnamon rolls." "After all." says Mires, "You know what they say on Wall Street: diversify, diversify, diversify!"
05 To improve the appearance of the mires in this case, which of the following would be appropriate?
Mires, Ran, & Clark will be conducting due diligence into the cost and interest rates charged by these predatory lenders/brokers.
The area around South Charlton, close to the Coastal AONB (who have objected to the Charlton Mires turbine) already hosts England's largest wind power station in the form of the Middlemoor/Wandylaw turbine complex.
This figure has often been transferred to mires, however, according to the inventory of Estonian mires (Paal & Leibak 2011), the area of mires is nowadays 233 000 ha or 5.2% of Estonia's territory.
We have a list of Estonian hemerophobic forest bryophyte species (Trass et al., 1999), also lists of indicator species for Estonian woodland key habitats of different forest communities (RT, 2010), but there is no up-to-date list of Estonian mire bryophytes, although bryophytes are the main components in mires and in peat.
Thornton Tomasetti announced that Leigh Mires has joined the firm in the newly created position of chief learning officer.
The thugs turned all the taps on in Iris Mires' house, flooding the property and collapsing ceilings.