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wallow in the mire

To remain stuck in an undesirable or negative situation due to one's unwillingness to do something to change. Jane left you six months ago—it's time to stop wallowing in the mire and get back to living your life.
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drag (one's) name through the mire

To disparage someone publicly, especially to the detriment of his or her reputation. I'm trying to maintain a fair and respectable campaign, and Brad totally dragged my name through the mire! Don't drag my name through the mire—you're the one who messed up the budget!
See also: drag, mire, name, through
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The city was a second home to many emerging European artists such as Picasso, MirE, Chagall and DalE[degrees].
The Dubai narrative path crosses figures and themes which characterise the graphic experience of Picasso and MirE, linked with a fil rouge which intertwined their lives.
Mire was remanded in custody until Friday when he will appear at the Old Bailey.
The direct impact of the mine on the ecology of the nearby mire depends largely on local geological conditions and requires hydrogeological modelling.
The aim of this study is to present an updated list of mire bryophytes and their community preferences, and to highlight threatened mire species in Estonia.
The school was a national institution, so it was important that MIRE was not just Sydney based.
My pharmacy is one of the very few pharmacies still in the area that provides these essential DME supplies to patients," testified Mire, owner of Gem Drugs, located in Reserve and Gramercy, La.
Soraya Mire, longtime toiler in the trenches to help educate the world about the harm caused by female genital cutting (FGC), has published her biography.
Armed police seized Abdifatah Jama Mire, the deputy director of Horseed FM, and seven of his colleagues, late on Friday after the radio station broadcast an interview with Sheikh Mohamed Said Atom.
Railroaded in Cooperstown is as much a cautionary tale about the mire of politics and power as it is a defiant saga of human determination to do what is right, and is a singularly compelling read from first page to last.
Osman Ali Mire, of Livingston Drive, Liverpool, was jailed at Liverpool Crown Court in April after he pleaded guilty to supplying Class A drugs and blackmail.
has been wallowing in the mire of occupation and how Iraqi resistance and international opposition to its agenda have thus far made it difficult for the U.
The company was at its strongest in Michael's Mire, a hip-hop/funk piece choreographed by Dave Carter.
The National Fire Protection Association is dedicated to mire prevention and safety.