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bell, book, and candle

1. A method of putting a curse on someone. The phrase refers to the implements once used when someone was excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church. I'll go after him bell, book, and candle if he threatens my family again.
2. Items that are symbolic or indicative of the strange or miraculous. She's the type of person who will come over with bell, book, and candle to try to bring about positive changes in your life.
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bell, book, and candle things that are miraculous or that signal that something

unusual or bizarre may soon happen. (Alluding originally to the items used when performing the rite of excommunication from the Roman Catholic Church.) Look, I can't work miracles! Do you expect me to show up at your house with bell, book, and candle, and make everything right? You have to take charge of your own destiny! On the top shelf of the tiny used-book store, Jim saw a bell, book, and candle sitting in a row, and he knew he was going to find some very interesting reading material.
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bell, book, and candle

a formula for laying a curse on someone.
This expression alludes to the closing words of the rite of excommunication, ‘Do to the book, quench the candle, ring the bell’, meaning that the service book is closed, the candle put out, and the passing bell rung, as a sign of spiritual death.
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SIDON, Lebanon: A Palestinian student miraculously survived a fall from the fifth floor of her apartment building in Sidon Sunday morning after receiving poor results for her official exams.
SHARJAH -- A seven-year-old girl, who miraculously survived a fall from the sixth floor of a building in Sharjah, is fine and can leave the hospital in a few days, said a medical expert at the Al Qasimi Hospital on Saturday.
An elderly woman living in the house is said to have miraculously walked out but has been taken by ambulance to the Mid-Western Regional Hospital in Limerick suffering from shock.
I'd be disappointed if the evil killer who has just been decisively despatched didn't miraculously come back to life to deliver one last shock."
Villains miraculously coming back to life, seconds after they have been killed, was second in the list of banal plot devices.
When she was an old woman, she miraculously had the opportunity to visit the Queen and present her gift in person.
Other characters that are "killed" are miraculously rescued from near death.
Miraculously, Cohen maintains a straight face throughout this absurdity.
A diver 'miraculously' rescued after 56 hours stranded at sea was actually on land during the search to save him, police revealed.
Embarking upon missionary work in China, Father Houle was thrown into prison by Mao Tse-Tung's communist lackeys and nearly perished; yet miraculously, he survived, holding strongly on to his faith and devoting himself to the Lord's work.
This bread Jesus offers is also bread for which we who believe do not labor, living bread that comes to us as miraculously as manna from heaven and sustains us on our journey.
Having suffered through refugee camps at a young age, George Trofimoff miraculously made his way to America.
A MAN was recovering in hospital yesterday after "miraculously" escaping with his life when he was dragged along a rail station platform because his coat was caught in the doors of a train.
Instead, we are treated to some excerpts from George Washington's speeches with rather deistic terminology that is miraculously transformed into biblical allusions.
"Christmas at Maxwell's" seems to take the cheap way out as the mother is miraculously cured, making it utterly unnecessary to deal with the issues of death and loss.