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Ellard Gore: of immensity and minuteness star atlases and star catalogues in English Mechanic.
Cusk is a current practitioner of literary fiction (17) for which modernist authors have definitely paved the way with innovative techniques such as the representation of consciousness and the celebration of interiority at the expense of the external; (18) the minuteness of the characters' private lives; the little miracles of the ordinary life; the fragmentation, open-endedness, and impressionism of the narration; the "obsessive subjectivism" (Lukacs 480) which obscures the material and social reality; and the attention given to style and the texture of writing.
where, Q([delta]) is summand with maximum order of minuteness, dependent on size of quantization step [delta].
But the exquisite minuteness of the delineation cannot be conceived.
The minuteness of many within-school (and within-class) decisions makes it difficult to conceive of them as posing legally manageable problems.
They are women, who by their writings have been doing the work of the enemy of souls, glossing over vice, making profligacy attractive, dealing with licentious minuteness the workings of unbridled passions, encouraging vanity, extravagance, wilfulness, selfishness in their worse forms .
17) The extreme loD of this shot, Dane's position on the platea, and his minuteness within the composition of the shot, all coalesce to create an almost palpable impression that he is much smaller than he is.
The minuteness of Ames's vision enables him to see and point out, often in blown-up reproduction, design details that would otherwise escape the less percipient eye; and some of his speculations ring true, such as that which relates the boat-motif found on a few shawls to the funeral of Ranjit Singh, "whose body was placed on a decorated bier in a shape like a ship".
The extreme minuteness of detail captured by the huge photograph means that its beholders can read the news of fifty-six years ago just as clearly as the man in the image, and it's easy to get just as caught up in the words, just as abstracted from reality.
Victor chooses to make the Creature monstrous and huge, because it would be faster and easier from a procedural perspective: "As the minuteness of the parts formed a great hindrance to my speed, I resolved, contrary to my first intention, to make the being of a gigantic stature; that is to say, about seven or eight feet in height, and proportionably large" (Robinson, Frankenstein 77).
Thorpe ever had much in the way of "past adventures" or ever dealt with worthless lords), but the minuteness of Mrs.
He recollects them with such minuteness of details in terms of their dress, behavior, attitudes, that one is often tempted to consider him as a poet of family and roots.
I suspect that this flower-and-butterfly minuteness was also a product of "rationalisation," which transformed the glamour of Elfland into mere finesse [.
The electrochemical reaction should take place preferentially at any exposed film-free steel surface, but the minuteness of the liquid-filled discontinuities in the magnetite film and their electrical resistance limits the initial passage of current to the steel, forcing the reaction either to the steel ring or to the surface of the magnetite film itself.