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It is also requested that if formed by the PM, this proposed high powered judicial commission may minutely look into the total expenses of ALL PCB officials who toured between Pakistan and England during the period, our team visited there, from April 2019 till the end of the World Cup in July 2019; and compare it with the expenses of the total number of players who went to England.
As part of the five-year business plan, detailed and comprehensive studies have been done minutely for each sector to rationalize the network.
(TAP) - Customs services at the Port of Rades, on Saturday, discovered explosive substances minutely hidden in a container coming from the port of Marseille and bound for Algeria.
In addition, the air navigation centre of Egypt is minutely following the situation in Turkey.
While I recline and relax, my brow therapist Natalie mixes up my bespoke gel and pigment to match my colouring, then begins the filling process, squeezing minutely fine threads of gel one at a time into my brows with a wire wand, to get that authentic hair-strand look.
In her remarks the minister said that the committee will minutely analyze this Cyber Bill 2015 clause by clause in order to make it more compatible with National Action Plan devised to counter terrorism and militancy in the country.
Unlike national newspapers that focus on the bigger picture, a city newspaper goes deeper - looks at people, issues, trends, institutions minutely.
Washington, Feb 6 ( ANI ): An aviation fanatic from San Francisco has created a stunning minutely detailed four feet long model of Air India Boeing 777 out of paper.
He promised the prisoners' cases would be investigated minutely and those having served their jail terms would be released.
But these concerns will have been examined minutely by the force and we must rest assured that cost-cutting will not mean risk-taking.
Let us also not forget that, with the advent of global warming, vast areas of Antarctica have melted causing sea levels to rise albeit minutely at present but what of the future?
Jan's portrait - called simply Jakub - caught the public's imagination with its "minutely detailed and skilful rendering of hair and skin tones and effective lighting".