minute happens

the minute (that)

As soon as; immediately when. Lock the door the minute you get inside. Call me the minute that you get the results—I want to know right away!
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minute something happens

the point in time at which an event happens. I'll be inside the minute it rains. Call me the minute you get to town.
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Emery commented on the incident, saying "n 90 minute happens a lot of things, and I didn't see the action, I think we can control the match better, and I think it was very important in this position with one player more, to break their lines and to attack the last third better." Arsenal come fourth at the table with 66 points, one point behind third placed, Tottenham Hotspur.
Rounding up to the nearest full minute happens not only on some carriers' regular service but also on travel-card calls and 800-line calls, so it is best to thoroughly investigate before signing on the dotted line.