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in a minor key

Having a subtle, understated presentation or demeanor. An allusion to the musical key, the phrase is typically used to describe abstract concepts and characteristics. The film, which elegantly examines the very real struggles of everyday people in the modern age, is wise and human in a minor key.
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minor in (something)

To complete a college or university degree with a particular subject as an official secondary focus. Originally I thought I would major in English literature, but I ended up minoring in it. Samantha majored in economics and minored in history.
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minor miracle

A positive occurrence that was highly improbable. The kids all being dressed by 7 AM is a minor miracle. If we actually make it out the door on time, angels will start singing. It will be a minor miracle if the senators all agree on the terms of the legislation.
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minor in something

to study a secondary subject in college. (Compare this with major in something.) I minored in math in college. I decided to minor in history.
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in a minor key

(especially of a literary work) understated.
1995 Independent He was a moralist in a minor key.
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minor in

To complete a long-term course of study in some subject that is one's secondary focus: My main course of study is biology, and I'm minoring in philosophy.
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The Spanish Constitution obliges public authorities to ensure the social, economic and legal protection of minors. Article 39.4 provides that children should enjoy the protection provided in international agreements ensuring their rights.
Domagoso stressed that the city government will be strict in implementing the ordinance especially the penalties to be charged on the minors' parents.
Pia Cayetano called for the pullout of alcopops, expressing alarm over its availability to minors.
Though we admit that during our visits some responsible betting operators turned away teenagers they suspected were minors, this was not the case in most of the centers.
OdobaA!ic also pointed out that numerous articles in the codes refer to the protection of minors, starting with the protection of identity of minors, the protection of minors who are the subject of court proceedings in any capacity, and protection against unwanted advertising (the ban on advertising certain products before, after and during children programs as well as reality / pseudo-reality program content.
Last year, according to the report, 31,400 asylum seekers applying for international protection in the EU member states were considered to be unaccompanied minors. This was nearly half the number recorded in 2016 -- 63,200 unaccompanied minors registered -- and almost one-third of the peak registered in 2015 (95,200).
(2016) provided the most up-to-date, though limited, overview of the psychology minor. They found that the vast majority of undergraduate departments of psychology offer a minor, typically comprising approximately eighteen credit hours.
In New Jersey, minors can only be tried as adults with the request of a prosecutor, and the request must be approved by a judge.
(7) All states allow minors to obtain treatment for sexually transmitted infections without notifying their parents, and many states allow minors to receive prescription contraceptives without involving a parent.
Ameen Zeyadeh, who represents minor prisoners at Sharon, told Masalha the Israeli prisoners regularly provoke the minors and treat them aggressively, stirring unrest among minor prisoners who knocked at the doors and windows in protest of this mistreatment.
That is why we are always keen to extend support to all segments including orphans and minors".
UAE Vice-President launches The UAE Initiative for Connection with Orphans and Minors.
Far-reaching restrictions on when and how minors at risk of abuse or harm can seek abortions in Texas without parental consent are headed to Gov.
In May this year, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) had allowed banks to open accounts in the name of minors without a guardian's support.
From 11 to 13 March, the Ministry of Interior of Kyrgyzstan conducted a raid on revelation of troubled minors, which involved 1,740 police officers and 628 representatives of various organizations and institutions, the press service of the Ministry reported on March 20.
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