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be in a minority of one

To be alone in a particular interest or viewpoint. If you voted for that candidate, you're in a minority of one in our house.
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be in a/the minority

To be in a group that is less than the majority. As the only girl in a house full of boys, I'm definitely in the minority. With those views, you'll be in the minority around these parts.
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in a/the minority

In a group that is less than the majority. As the only girl in a house full of boys, I'm definitely in the minority. Those sorts of political views will put you in a minority around these parts.
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sexual minority

A phrase used to refer to a person whose sexual orientation is not completely heterosexual. It is typically used as an adjective (i.e. "sexual minority males"). When I worked in the counseling center, many of my patients were sexual minority teenagers.
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be in a/the miˈnority

form much less than half of a large group: Men are in the minority in this profession.
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be in a minority of ˈone

(often humorous) be the only person to have a particular opinion or to vote a particular way: Hannah didn’t like the music, but she realized that she’d be in a minority of one if she said anything negative about it.
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'We would like the minority coalition to have an objective, critical, collaboration with the administration...
The notifications have also been issued for 66 women and 8 minority members in Punjab, 29 women and 9 minority members in Sindh, 22 women and 3 minority members in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 11 women and 3 minority members in Balochistan.
Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo said that she would let the minority lawmakers settle the issue of minority leadership among themselves.
Secretary Religious Affairs Abdul Fateh Bhangar apprised the Caucus members about the special budget allocated for establishment of minority Caucus, a part of which would be spent on education of poor minority children's and youth, in form of scholarships.
'Under the Standing Order, the election process is, and remains and internal affair of the minority party which communicates the outcome of the process in writing to the speaker,' Muturi said.
Last month, J&K's Minister for Social Welfare Sajad Gani Lone told the legislative council that there was no need to establish a minority commission in the state, while rejecting demands from BJP legislators.
Minority rights cover protection of existence, protection from discrimination and persecution, protection and promotion of identity, and participation in political life.
We didn't focus on the contentious question of whether minority teachers are better at teaching minority students.
If you are a minority or a woman and you walk into a room and see hundreds of Caucasian men sitting there, it may be difficult for you to find a way to trust them enough to be recruited."
Nonetheless, despite the achievements of the civil rights movement and the progress made during the last four decades in minority registration and voting, as well as the inclusion of language minority citizens in the democratic process, there is no question that barriers to equal minority voter participation continue to exist.
A review of the facts will help the reader understand why the Quebec trial judge and two of the three judges on the Quebec Court of Appeal, and the minority of two of the Supreme Court Justices, favoured Labaye's conviction.
Thus, the court applied a minority discount in this case.
will remain an inadequate supply of underrepresented minority faculty (who at present comprise a woeful 7 percent of full-time faculty at public doctoral institutions), perpetuating a Lack of diversity across college campuses.
This study is one of only a handful to collect the cultural information necessary to plan effective sexual health interventions for sexual minority populations, other than HIV prevention studies involving gay or bisexual men.
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