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sexual minority

A phrase used to refer to a person whose sexual orientation is not completely heterosexual. It is typically used as an adjective (i.e. "sexual minority males"). When I worked in the counseling center, many of my patients were sexual minority teenagers.
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be in a minority of one

To be alone in a particular interest or viewpoint. If you voted for that candidate, you're in a minority of one in our house.
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be in a/the minority

To be in a group that is less than the majority. As the only girl in a house full of boys, I'm definitely in the minority. With those views, you'll be in the minority around these parts.
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be in a/the miˈnority

form much less than half of a large group: Men are in the minority in this profession.
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be in a minority of ˈone

(often humorous) be the only person to have a particular opinion or to vote a particular way: Hannah didn’t like the music, but she realized that she’d be in a minority of one if she said anything negative about it.
See also: minority, of, one
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Otherwise, the LP will have to settle for the independent minority, now led by LP lawmaker Albay Rep.
The Supreme Court held that a minority, whether linguistic or religious, is determinable only in reference to demography of the State and not by taking into consideration the population of the country as a whole.
Statewide, there has been a decline in minority college students going into education.
The firm has been very active in REAP (Real Estate Associates Program), an initiative for minority professionals working at Fortune 500 companies who are seeking a career change into real estate.
Today, we know that there is much work left to be done, because gains made by minority voters could be lost if the expiring provisions are not renewed and strengthened.
Indecency, the minority stated, concerns sexual behaviour or the representation of sexual behaviour that is neither obscene nor immoral, but inopportune or inappropriate according to Canadian standards of tolerance because of the context in which it takes place.
In addition to being wary of health professionals, sexual minority individuals may choose to protect the privacy of their sexual health information and even their orientation or gender identity, thereby limiting research and intervention projects' access to the population.
For many educators, the minority achievement gap, especially in urban areas, has come to be accepted as normative and they perceive little hope for transformation in these schools.
At least 10 universities across the country, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Princeton University, closed down their minority programs after receiving threats of lawsuits from the Center for Equal Opportunity and the American Civil Rights Institute.
Yancey claims in his text's opening chapter that "it is debatable whether assimilation is a desirable goal for racial minority groups," and that he does "not take a position either way.
3 billion to nearly 7,000 certified minority or socially disadvantaged small-business owners in 2001, the last year for which the agency has numbers.
Minority males account for the same percentage of workers in two job categories shown on the graph.
To effectively address the broad range of various diseases that affect Americans, there is a need for more minority scientists in biomedical, clinical, behavioral, and health services research (U.
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