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in a minor key

Having a subtle, understated presentation or demeanor. An allusion to the musical key, the phrase is typically used to describe abstract concepts and characteristics. The film, which elegantly examines the very real struggles of everyday people in the modern age, is wise and human in a minor key.
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minor in (something)

To complete a college or university degree with a particular subject as an official secondary focus. Originally I thought I would major in English literature, but I ended up minoring in it. Samantha majored in economics and minored in history.
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minor in something

to study a secondary subject in college. (Compare this with major in something.) I minored in math in college. I decided to minor in history.
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in a minor key

(especially of a literary work) understated.
1995 Independent He was a moralist in a minor key.
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minor in

To complete a long-term course of study in some subject that is one's secondary focus: My main course of study is biology, and I'm minoring in philosophy.
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Randy Hultgren said the Plano Republican has withdrawn his support and urged Minor to drop out.
Ravinder also stated that the traffic police department is also lodging cases against the owner of the vehicles who allow minor to drive.
The third option is setting up common interest groups to engage orphans and minors in activities like swimming and biking
Answer: Minors ages 16 and 17 may work any number of hours during the day, but are limited to 44 hours in a given week.
option=com_content&view=article&id=4300:avg-cost-for-family-of-4-to-see-minor-league-baseball-game-is-57&catid=19:latest-milb-news&Itemid=34) TO SEE AVERAGE PRICE BY MINOR LEAGUE CLASSIFICATION
12 of the above states allow, but do not require, physicians to inform parents that their minor daughter is seeking or receiving prenatal care when they deem it in the best interests of the minor.
PLGAs account for 10% of all tumors of the minor salivary glands and 25% of all malignancies of the minor salivary glands.
Stores that sold to one of the youths received a red flyer advising them of the potential consequences and that they were on notice for selling to a minor.
Supreme Court again, which on July 2, 1979, declared the statute unconstitutional, concluding that "every minor must have the opportunity--if she so desires--to go directly to a court without first consulting with or notifying her parents.
Minor concern: "Should I just start being a filmer?
13 presents the pattern again through all twelve minor keys.
Wolf refers to the outcome of this early childhood matchmaking as minor marriages.
The insurance contracts are limited to very specific events of actions, said John Minor, national director of political risk for Aon Trade Credit, a unit of the broker Aon.
The parents of a convicted youth offender who was sentenced to attend a one-day "boot camp," brought a [section] 1983 action to recover damages after the minor suffered severe symptoms from a heat stroke.