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in a minor key

Having a subtle, understated presentation or demeanor. An allusion to the musical key, the phrase is typically used to describe abstract concepts and characteristics. The film, which elegantly examines the very real struggles of everyday people in the modern age, is wise and human in a minor key.
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minor in (something)

To complete a college or university degree with a particular subject as an official secondary focus. Originally I thought I would major in English literature, but I ended up minoring in it. Samantha majored in economics and minored in history.
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minor in something

to study a secondary subject in college. (Compare this with major in something.) I minored in math in college. I decided to minor in history.
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in a minor key

(especially of a literary work) understated.
1995 Independent He was a moralist in a minor key.
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minor in

To complete a long-term course of study in some subject that is one's secondary focus: My main course of study is biology, and I'm minoring in philosophy.
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Domagoso stressed that the city government will be strict in implementing the ordinance especially the penalties to be charged on the minors' parents.
All these years later, Minor is still influenced by his upbringing in Aurora and the surrounding farmlands.
Karimi pleaded with the court not to grant Ledama any bond terms until the minor testifies.
Each psychology program website was analyzed to determine if the program offered a minor in psychology.
Baird (Bellotti II) in 1979, (32) laws requiring parental involvement in minor abortion decisions have been constitutional, provided that the laws offer judicial bypass as an alternative to parental involvement.
Meanwhile, CPA said the highest rate of minor detainees was reported last August, during which 42 Palestinian minors, including 13 below the age of 15, were arrested by the Israeli authorities.
'The UAE Initiative for Connection with Orphans and Minors' will involve a range of authorities along with individuals and families interested in taking part.State news agency WAM reported this includes families taking orphaned children into their homes for half a day and allowing them to take part in activities, such as swimming and biking.
Dubai - His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has launched "The UAE Initiative for Connection with Orphans and Minors", a new initiative to fulfill needs of these segments at multiple levels through a group of alternatives for individuals and families interested in taking part in the effort.
A judge's failure to rule on a bypass request would effectively deny the minor an abortion.
From 11 to 13 March, the Ministry of Interior of Kyrgyzstan conducted a raid on revelation of troubled minors, which involved 1,740 police officers and 628 representatives of various organizations and institutions, the press service of the Ministry reported on March 20.
The shocking statistic was revealed in the interim findings of the Minor Review Committee in the Kingdom with county chairman Patrick O'Sullivan saying minor players were "being pulled and dragged in all directions".
Manama, March 29th (BNA) -- Bahraini Criminal law is designed to protect people, including minors, and it has initiated imprisonment of up to 3 years for those who swindle a minor to rob their money.
Other minor and editorial amendments were also made.
Answer: A minor employee is any employee under the age of 18.
(755 1LCS 5/11-5) The court may now only appoint a guardian to a minor if the parents have voluntarily relinquished their custody, the parents fail to object after receiving notice of the hearing and petition, or the parents consent to the appointment in notarized writing or by personal appearance in court.