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Marcventures Mining and Development Corporation (Surigao del Norte)
At the time, it was one of the deadliest mining accidents in the nation's history.
The West Virginia-based Coal River Mountain Watch works to prevent such disasters and has recently focused its efforts primarily on "mountaintop removal" mining operations, which blast off the tops of peaks to get at underlying coal deposits.
While a few fine books have been published that focus on both the history and geology of individual mines or camps (Lew Green's, Great Years: Gold Mining in the Bridge River Valley comes to mind), it is far too difficult for anyone except a dedicated researcher or insider in the field to know where to look for information on most camps.
Mining is heavily regulated, there's lots of public data on each of the mine sites, and the insurance companies utilize that data in pricing their product.
Regulatory Commission to get approval for mining near the Navajo communities of Crownpoint and Church Rock, New Mexico.
Padilla claims mining traditionally contributes little to Chile's northern Third Region, where Pascua Lama will operate.
The tribes acquired a tract of 6,000 acres, mineral rights to the land, and the mining company itself.
Data mining serves as an automated tool that uses multiple advanced computational techniques, including artificial intelligence (the use of computers to perform logical functions), to fully explore and characterize large data sets involving one or more data sources, identifying significant, recognizable patterns, trends, and relationships not easily detected through traditional analytical techniques alone.
The easy-to-integrate NAG Data Mining Components are statistical and artificial intelligence software components specifically developed for the rigors of mining massive datasets.
Minerals are extracted from the ground through surface and underground mining methods.
The process of proletarianization in the copper mining enclave involved the redefinition of miners' work according to the new tenets of company social welfare and paternalism and the gender ideology of domesticity.