keep to a minimum

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keep something to a minimum

to make something as small, few, or little as possible. Do what you can to keep construction dust to a minimum. The dust should be kept to a minimum.
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Lot5: total minimum quantity = 93 600 pcs / year - total maximum amount = 201 861 pcs / year with a minimum weight of 100 grams / pc;
The 75-cent increase is the largest increase since the state mandated a 16-cent minimum hourly wage in 1916.
So while raising the minimum wage might have teens downloading more songs from iTunes, critics say, it would not actually help workers struggling to feed their families.
As economist Walter Williams of George Mason University puts it: "If higher minimum wages could cure poverty, we could easily end worldwide poverty simply by telling poor nations to legislate higher minimum wages.
In addition, the matter in which NTSP utilized the minimum reimbursement schedule in its communications with payers also showed that NTSP was using the poll for much more than just an administrative or efficiency-enhancing tool.
We didn't think it was in the best interest of consumers to make minimum payments but have their balance grow every month," says Kevin Mukri, a spokesman with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.
In certain instances, the operation of the alternative minimum tax as a separate and independent tax system is set forth expressly in the Code.
41% of all minimum wage workers did not have a high school diploma, compared with only 15% of all employees.
When pressed, most minimum wage advocates suggest that "slight" price increases will be the primary source for paying for legislated wage increases.
Workers' families cannot live on the current minimum wage.
Mackenzie has announced that the provincial government intends to increase Ontario's minimum wage to 60 per cent of the industrial average wage by 1995, starting with an increase from $5.
Therefore, a company may have an additional minimum liability even though its benefit obligations seem well secured.
Spotlight Poll: The Effect of a National Minimum Wage Increase
Estimated minimum amount subsequent contract at least 4 pcs.
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