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keep (something) to a minimum

1. To refrain from using or creating something very much or at all. Audience members are being asked to keep noise to a minimum for the duration of the performance. The candidates kept personal attacks to a minimum during the debate. Real-world slang and idioms should be kept to a minimum, or your fantasy settings may seem inauthentic to readers.
2. To ensure that something is not used or does not occur much or at all. The banks have done a much better job at keeping fraudulent activities to a minimum. The government has laid out its plans for keeping carbon emissions to a minimum moving forward.
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keep something to a minimum

to make something as small, few, or little as possible. Do what you can to keep construction dust to a minimum. The dust should be kept to a minimum.
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As reported, the government has yet to decide whether to raise the minimum wage next year.
In Alaska, the minimum wage rose from $9.75 to $9.80 at the beginning of 2017.
The possible advantages of higher minimum wages appear from the higher wages for concerned employees.
Arkansas: Supporters hope to gather enough signatures for a ballot proposal in November that would raise the minimum wage by steps to $8.50 per hour by 2017.
CAERPHILLY TODAY: Sunny intervals - maximum 12C, minimum 3C.
Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Utah increased state minimum wages to the same amount as the federal minimum and on the same date.
So while raising the minimum wage might have teens downloading more songs from iTunes, critics say, it would not actually help workers struggling to feed their families.
As economist Walter Williams of George Mason University puts it: "If higher minimum wages could cure poverty, we could easily end worldwide poverty simply by telling poor nations to legislate higher minimum wages."
One of the arguments against raising the minimum wage is that business owners would suffer because of the resulting increase in labor costs.
Every increase in the minimum wage raises the overall costs of small-business owners, and they must react in order to stay in business.
The FTC ruled that when physicians cast a vote on the desired minimum price for the group, they were not simply supporting past or current prices, they were telegraphing their intentions about future prices.
55(a) imposes an AMT equal to the excess of tentative minimum tax (TMT) for the tax year over the regular tax for the tax year.
In Canada, 1 in 25 employees worked at or below the minimum wage set by their province in 2003, but the incidence varied widely from province to province, according to a new profile of minimum-wage workers, ranging from 1.1% of the paid work force in Alberta to 8.5% in Newfoundland and Labrador.
A: Oregon's minimum wage will increase to $6.90 effective Jan.
At a House Financial Services Committee hearing on July 18, Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan said he was in favor of eliminating the minimum wage.
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