mingle with

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mingle with

1. To converse or chat with someone or a group of people in an easy, friendly manner; to mix or fit in well with someone or a group of people. I've got to talk to Mike for a while about a work issue, so why don't you go and mingle with some of the other people at the party, and I'll join you in a minute. I was worried that Tommy wouldn't like starting play school, but it's great to see him mingling with the other kids right away.
2. To join or mix two or more people in a social situation. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "mingle" and "with." I always find it awkward trying to mingle my regular friends with co-workers on a night out. I want to mingle my son with some more kids his age.
3. To mix something with something else. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "mingle" and "with." I love barbecuing in the summer, as the grill mingles the smell of sizzling hamburgers and sausages with the aromas of the lush, sunsoaked grass and trees.
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mingle (someone) with (someone else)

 and mingle (something) with (something else)
to mix people together; to mix things together. Try to mingle your friends with mine. You had better not mingle your money with that of the corporation.
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mingle with someone

to mix with people. Try to mingle with the guests. I would like to get out and mingle with people more.
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References in classic literature ?
Hetty's shriek mingled with the sound, and they clasped each other in mutual horror.
Just a moment we gazed upon each other, and then the look of hope and renewed courage which had glorified her face as she discovered me, faded into one of utter dejection, mingled with loathing and contempt.
The young man smiled again, but the expression of his face was no longer mingled with a look of anguish; it was a kind benevolent gleam of gratitude and affection which crossed his ghastly features, like a ray of sunshine enlivening the gloom of a day in winter.
The young man started, and fastened his eyes on her face with an indefinable look of delight mingled with sorrow.
The groans of the wounded, mingled with the roaring and growling of the great beasts which the noise and firelight had attracted, kept sleep, except in its most fitful form, from the tired eyes.
'Should you wish your daughter to despise you - or, at least, to feel no vestige of respect for you, and no affection but what is mingled with the bitterest regret?'
He also mingled with the Johor PH state government leaders at the Royal tent during the event.
The posh couple went to members club Residence over the weekend and mingled with some other top celebrities.
Muscat, April 11 (ONA) - The training mingled with employment programs are among the most successful program for the employment of the national manpower.
ELSEWHERE at the Range Rover Evoque-sponsored bash I mingled with TV chef Gizzi Erskine who tells me she has big plans for the Christmas holiday - she's getting hitched to her man Dean Martin.
What's interesting is that Ranbir stayed with his mother the entire time while Rishi mingled with his friends.
2 : to move among others within a group <He mingled with the crowd.>
Kala Channa will enhance many salads, soups, and dips, but they work particularly well as a striking contrast mingled with their beige brethren in any typical chickpea dish.
The heroes, on their first weekend home from Iraq, wore plain clothes and mingled with more than 2000 people at a march in Edinburgh.
The narrative, in enthusiastic tones, is mingled with excerpts of interviews he conducted and essays from friends and fellow baseball fanatics.