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mingle in (with someone)

to join in with someone; to mix with people. I am going to go into the hall and mingle in with the rest of the guests. Ken came into the room and mingled in at once.
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mingle (someone) with (someone else)

 and mingle (something) with (something else)
to mix people together; to mix things together. Try to mingle your friends with mine. You had better not mingle your money with that of the corporation.
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mingle with someone

to mix with people. Try to mingle with the guests. I would like to get out and mingle with people more.
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The training mingled with employment program comprises a number of programs such as "Kasb program" in the Royal Court Affairs, which was introduced in 2005, the national training projects and the short training courses program for unskilled job seekers (which was introduced by the governmental vocational training centers starting from 2007).
ELSEWHERE at the Range Rover Evoque-sponsored bash I mingled with TV chef Gizzi Erskine who tells me she has big plans for the Christmas holiday - she's getting hitched to her man Dean Martin.
But once she left, Ranbir went ahead and mingled with his friends.
2 : to move among others within a group <He mingled with the crowd.
Athletic director Tom Miller mingled, joking with cheerleaders and administrators alike.
The light-filled homes fit perfectly into the neighborhood, which has a historical sense, mingled with trendsetting design and architecture, wonderful restaurants, and fashionable shops.
Dissimilar and diverse species from around the globe are mingled, and not just for a photo opportunity.
After a cocktail party where guests mingled and browsed over the auction items -- which included donated jewelry and artwork by Dali, Picasso, Chagall and Miro -- the evening literally kicked off with a rousing performance by the Debbie Allen Dance Company, followed by a heartfelt video presentation by Downey.
Called assortative mating, this is a critical factor in maintaining genetic differences among geographically mingled races.
Kala Channa will enhance many salads, soups, and dips, but they work particularly well as a striking contrast mingled with their beige brethren in any typical chickpea dish.
The heroes, on their first weekend home from Iraq, wore plain clothes and mingled with more than 2000 people at a march in Edinburgh.
With his smooth upper body and languid and lilting legs, he can do the softest soft-shoe, mingled with a moment of Charleston.
But as far as scientist know, the birds have never mingled.
They crowned Him with thorns digging into his brow, ripping His skin so that blood mingled with His sweat and the spit of those who tormented Him.
Here, Naderites mingled with Hagelinites, potheads with policy wonks, in a combination movement-center and four-day-long celebrity talk show.