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mingle in (with someone)

to join in with someone; to mix with people. I am going to go into the hall and mingle in with the rest of the guests. Ken came into the room and mingled in at once.
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mingle (someone) with (someone else)

 and mingle (something) with (something else)
to mix people together; to mix things together. Try to mingle your friends with mine. You had better not mingle your money with that of the corporation.
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mingle with someone

to mix with people. Try to mingle with the guests. I would like to get out and mingle with people more.
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After selecting Villar, the district introduced him to the public at a school board meeting where Mingle read a brief statement about how the new principal met the job criteria.
Wall said: "We might think about supplementing Mix And Mingle for the duke of Cambridge, but that's a decision we'll take much nearer the time when we can see how she is, what the opposition is and what the ground might be.
Wake Up Maggie's stamina ran out in the testing conditions but Mix And Mingle appears to have fared better as the ground is expected to be good today.
Although writing or coloring on a wine glass is a great way to use Mingle Markers, it isn't the only option.
Although Ghobril mainly considered his two previous projects practice, when he launched Mingle, he emailed several technology bloggers asking them for feedback.
Mingle for Business offers a range of exciting opportunities to network including monthly meetings, 'drop in' sessions, special networking and promotion events, guest speakers, advertising and sponsorship opportunities, and training workshops.
The transaction, which was finalised on 18 November, is in line with the growth strategy of Mingle, which will look to expand its platform with more colleges and organisations, it said.
Agile application lifecycle management (ALM) specialist ThoughtWorks Studios announced on Wednesday it is shipping Mingle 3.
Answer (translated): He says it will take time to adapt and mingle with his new team-mates.
With the open format, guests will be able to move around freely, mingle and celebrate with their friends.
We have fabulous music provided by some of Birmingham's own cream of DJ talent and we are set to provide the people who want to dance, mingle and have fun, the coolest night on the town.
Her tears and His blood mingle to soak the world in hope and love.
My goal is to freely mingle among the Yeti and Sasquatch of Canada.
Then tune into Century Radio which has teamed up with the dating events company, Singles Who Mingle, to offer listeners a free one-off event.
An original, superbly crafted, imaginative novel, Malcolm And Jack is very strongly recommended as an engaging (albeit fictitious) tale in which several of America's great historical icons meet and mingle with one-another.