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animal, vegetable, or mineral

In the game 20 Questions, these are three categories that the answer could potentially fit into. Well, what is it? Animal, vegetable, or mineral?
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animal, vegetable, or mineral?

“20 Questions” was a popular parlor game in which players tried to guess the answer by asking no more than twenty questions. The person who answered the questions gave the players the initial hint of whether the subject was animal, vegetable, or mineral. The game's becoming the format of a very successful radio and then television quiz show beginning in the early 1940s spread the opening hint into general use. Anyone who innocently began a query with “I have a question” was liable to be met with “Is the answer animal, vegetable, or mineral?”
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Above it lie the several minerals in their usual order, and over all is a coat of rich mould, ten or twelve feet deep.
What we want," Letton took up the strain, pausing significantly to sip his mineral water, "what we want is to take large blocks of Ward Valley off the hands of the public.
The sight of these mineral treasures greatly excited the curiosity of Mr.
When the homogeneous atoms of a mineral, moving freely in solution, arrange themselves into shapes mathematically perfect, or particles of frozen moisture into the symmetrical and beautiful forms of snowflakes, you have nothing to say.
Let us fill our car with the precious mineral, and what remains at the end of the trip will be so much made.
This appeared to be devoted to minerals, and the sight of a block of sulphur set my mind running on gunpowder.
He tarries not for such an obstacle, but, rending it asunder a thousand feet from peak to base, discloses its treasures of hidden minerals, its sunless waters, all the secrets of the mountain's inmost heart, with a mighty fracture of rugged precipices on each side.
I have friends in both and know they are serious mineral collectors and they enjoy their activities and opportunities with these groups.
a hair mineral analysis laboratory, has introduced a hair mineral inspection service, set to begin October 1.
Considering the location of the find and its appearance, the team from Western Illinois University in Macomb dubbed the mineral coating "pool meringue.
The slower the magma cools, the larger the mineral crystals in the rock can become.
To remain globally competitive, Ontario requires a forward-looking mineral strategy addressing the challenges and opportunities in the mining sector, according to Rick Bartolucci, Minister of Northern Development and Mines.
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Enchanted by this and a myriad of interesting trivia encountered while reading this book, I anxiously await the day when Alex Trebeck (a good Canadian boy who has become "a true American icon" according to the Jeopardy website) and Jeopardy have "GEOLOGY" as a theme and I can say "I'll take Mineral Facts for $200".
The FBI was one of the first forensic laboratories in the United States to extensively use soil and mineral analysis in criminal cases.